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The Most Touching Moment In Pictures

Saturday, 05.21.2011, 12:10am (GMT-5)

There are so many moments in our life that when captured at the right moment, that picture would tell the feelings at that moment better than any words can say.
Sometimes a photo so touching, just looking at it can make us feel how the person in that photo feels at that moment.

Below are the collection of the most touching photos I can collect all over the internet, please vote which one is the most touching for you.

 I Will Come Back For You - Japan Tsunami, Earthquake and Nuclear Plant Explosion

 You Are  Safe Now - CFA - Australia

  I'm Home, Sweetie

  We Won

  Injury Time Winner - Manchester United, England

  Please Don't Leave Me - Georgia

  I Can't Carry It For You, But I Can Carry You - Mount Doom, Middle Earth

Below is the Poll for your choice, Please choose the one that touches your heart the most.
You are welcomed to comment as well.

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