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Facts That Showcase That Charlie Sheen Is A Nutcase

Saturday, 05.14.2011, 04:06pm (GMT-5)

Do you watch a comedy tv show “Two and a Half Men”? then you should know Charlie Sheen, he is very famous for his antique, well I'd rather say crazy. I won't deny that he is a good actor, but sometimes his weird behavior gets the better of him. From threatening to decapitate his ex-wife to having his own 'goddesses' of porn stars.

But if that still doesn't convince you he is a bit off, read more below.

1. Shot his fianceè
Charlie Sheen has always been a gun lover, but you'd never expect him to use one of those to shoot his loved one. Well, he did. In 1990, he was dating Kelly Preston and they were even engaged. Well, that didn’t last a lot because he ended up shooting her in the arm or the leg, whatever, the story seems to be all over the place. The engagement broke off and Kelly Preston ended up marrying John Travolta.

2. Has overdosed over and over again
Drug use is not funny. Seriously, don’t do drugs. However, it is just ridiculous how stubborn Charlie Sheen has proved he is. He’s clearly an addict, and I honestly feel sorry for him, but the stuff he’s done because of drugs is just really, really crazy.

In 1990, he was sent to rehab over his drug and alcohol abuse, after having an intervention with his family. He then managed to stay sober for an impressive full year, and of course, went straight to drinking the day after that year was completed. In 1
998, he was sent to rehab again after he overdosed over cocaine. He managed to stay in rehab for one day, before fleeing and going off to drink and do a little bit of old-school self-medication. He had to go back to rehab after his car was pulled over that same day. He also went to rehab for domestic violence, after his girlfriend claimed he had gotten rough with her in 2009.

After so many interventions, overdoses, rehabs, and problems with the law you would expect Charlie Sheen to actually learn something about his behavior and try to make it better, right? Well, some people never learn. Especially crazy people.

3. His senseless tattoos

I’m not even sure what his tattoos are meant to represent. One of the many tattoos he has on his body says “Be back in 15 minutes” on an also tattooed note with a pin on it. My guess is he just woke up with an amazing hangover and said tattoo, and he just stared at it with amazement while saying “Wow, cool idea”. That is not the only senseless tattoo that most people would regret the day after getting it that he has, he also has Denise Richard’s name on his wrist and a really bad tattoo that reads “Death From Above”. I think he missed the “1979″ part.

4. Bought all seats in a baseball game to catch a home run ball
That’s right, back in 1996, he and three of his friends bought 2,615 seats to a California Angels game, just so he made sure he could catch a home run ball without any of those other annoying paying attendees. I imagine things didn’t go so well for anybody that had fraudulent tickets for that game. He payed over $6000 dollars to see the game, and want to know the worst part? He didn’t catch any balls that night.

5. He
gets paid as if he actually acted, yet he wants more
This one is probably the most recent of his ridiculous shenanigans. As you may know, for some strange reason, he gets paid a lot for playing himself in a really repetitive and low humor show called Two And A Half Men (what is that you say? He doesn’t play himself? Really?). Well, he gets payed so well that he is actually the most payed actor on TV, and I think he’s had that title for a while now. Well, a few days ago, he asked for double the pay per episode, making that about $3 million dollars per episode. Well, it’s just very damn hard to believe he is clean when he does stuff like this and manages to make his publicist quit while also insulting the creator of the series he is known for in recent times. Crazy? Perhaps.

6. Who knows what happens in his private life
A few months ago there was this popular story going around that Charlie Sheen had been caught in a hotel room screaming and running around naked with a fearful and seriously freaked out escort of questionable age. It’s been said that the damage made to the hotel room was around $10,000 dollars. Him? No way! Haha, just kidding. I would totally expect that from him. Because he’s crazy. Want to know what his representant said about the thing? He was having an allergic reaction to medicament. Seriously.

7. He believes 9/11 was staged by the U.S. Government
Yeah, he’s also a conspiracy theory believer, and possibly even creator. He’s been pretty public about his opinions regarding this terrible incident, and he’s been clear on his stance that the U.S. was behind everything and that Sadam Hussein was working with the CIA. Now, I’m not saying believing in stuff like that is crazy, but maybe acting actively on convincing everybody else that your theory is right sounds pretty crazy to me. He’s even asked Obama to check the case and monitor the Pentagon and stuff like that. He’s given conferences and stuff on the topic. Which, you know, is pretty crazy coming from a drug addict.

8. He threatened to decapitate his ex-wife
Any of those above can't beat this one. He threatened his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller that he would decapitate her, put her head in a box and send it to her mom. Holy shit, really? I think this actually caused him lost his job at the sitcom "Two and a half men".

There you go, some good reasons to prove the actor is actually a nutcase, don't you agree?

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