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Lady Gaga Kisses Mayor Bloomberg

Sunday, 01.01.2012, 12:29am (GMT-5)

Lady Gaga Times Square 2012So, I'm at home with my wife watching TV and wait the ball to drop at Times Square and waiting for the Spiderman to show up.... seriously, I'm not kidding. Everybody else was expecting Spiderman as well, the Green Goblin showed up on the big screen at Times Square, so it was told that Spiderman from the Broadway show would be swinging around and show up on the stage, meh.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber showed up entertaining public, but the main entertainment for us was when Lady Gaga kissed Mayor Bloomberg... boy oh boy, what's mrs. Bloomberg gonna do?

Lady Gaga kiss mayor bloomberg
Lady Gaga entertaining Times Square public

I will upload the picture of Lady Gaga kissing Mayor Bloomberg once I got it

update: uploaded, hot kiss huh?
Lady Gaga kissing mayor bloomberg

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