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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing

Friday, 06.29.2012, 05:04pm (GMT-5)

cruise-holmes divorceTom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing, as Ms. Holmes filled for divorce in Manhattan, New York.

The Dawson's Creek star filled it quietly, it was revealed that she filled it anonymously to avoid big dramas.

Lately Tom Cruise had been showing up at Premieres and parties by himself, stating that Holmes was away with family.

The reasons for the divorce are still not clear.

The couple was married for five years and have a daughter, Suri.

The Mission Impossible star will be having his third divorce after failed marriages with Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman.

For Katie, this will be her first divorce.

Five years, not bad for a Hollywood couple, especially after the whole jumping on the couch thing on Oprah's show. Right, Tom?


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