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Are You Applying Your Conclear Improperly?

Thursday, 01.14.2010, 05:06pm (GMT-5)

Are You Applying Your Concealer Improperly?

Tuesday January 12, 2010

One can only hope it's the camera flash's fault that Jessica Seinfeld looks like a raccoon. Certainly she was not walking around at NBC's cocktail party and talking to people who did not kindly tell her she had large white swaths of concealer under her eyes. If she was my friend I would have gone at her with the pad of my middle finger. (I own a jacket she donated to a charity auction so I feel we are almost friends).

So how can you and I avoid looking like a raccoon? Always choose a shade of concealer that's a shade lighter than your foundation (no more and you'll end up looking like Seinfeld). Also consider the time of year -- if you tan naturally you'll likely need a different shade of concealer in summer months than you do in winter. Seinfeld is likely using a shade that's too light for her skin, or she used too much in an effort to cover up undereye circles.

To apply, dot concealer under the eyes, along the nose and on dark spots and then "tap" it into the skin with the pad of a finger. (Some beauty editors swear on fingers best used for applying concealer but I say a finger pad is a finger pad and it really doesn't matter). Apply in sheer layers and then build up. The secret it to blend concealer in so it looks natural, not obvious.

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Verdiana Lin

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