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Coining - Alternative Asian Medication - Does it Work?

Sunday, 07.08.2012, 12:28pm (GMT-5)

coiningcoining girlcoining technique
You may have never heard of coining, this is a bit controversial, but believed to work for many to cure unexplained headache, dry cough and sore neck and shoulders.

First of all, I'm Indonesian, and coining is very common in my country, and we do it every now and then, even to our children.

My wife on the other hand, is American (yes, she is white), and she had never heard of anything like this even though she has always had big passions about Asian culture.

She actually thought that I got abused or beaten up the first time she saw this on my back. But thanks to her openness to other cultures, she accepted it.

coining a white girlman in pain for coining

When people in South East Asia have bad headache that won't go away by simply taking headache medicine, or sore neck and shoulder muscles and have bad dry cough that won't go away with cough medicines, it means they have caught 'wind illness' or 'bad wind' in their back, which is toxic and couldn't find its way out and it has to get rid of.

You put some balm (Vick's vapor rub, Bengay or Tiger Balm is best) on sick one's back, so it's moisturized enough to scratch, and use a coin to scratch his/her back until it's looks like the picture above. IF it's not red, it means, he/she doesn't have wind illness, it's something else then you need to stop. IF it goes red right away, it means he/she does have wind illness and you need to scratch his/her back following the pattern above.

After you are done 'coining' the sick person, he/she needs to take an advil / tylenol before going to bed, please do not do any heavy activities or stay awake hours after getting coining.

During sleep, the sick person will sweat a lot, which is fine, because the toxic air in her/his body is getting out with the sweat, just prepare a dry and clean tee-shirt next to him/her so that person can change his shirt in case if he/she wakes up all wet and need to change.

Usually by next day, his/her headache or sore neck muscles or cough should be gone, magic? maybe? it's another Asian medication that hasn't been researched thoroughly here in America, but over there, it is widely accepted that this is one of the most reliable treatment for headache, cough, sore muscles and fever.

Watch the video below to see how coining gets done.

So, one day if you see someone's back looks like this, no need to be alarmed that he/she just got abused, they just got their medication done, that's all.

Does it really work? you ask any Asian person, especially those from South East Asia, they will tell you it's the most reliable medication they know along with acupuncture.

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