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Composition and framing in Photography
Monday, 01.04.2010, 01:39am
Here are a few different styles of composition and framing in Photography including a few tips on how to break away from the norm, and create styles of your own!
Getting Started with Infrared Photography
Monday, 01.04.2010, 01:32am

Infrared photography looks like nothing else. I’m sure you’ve seen some IR photos around the web, but maybe you don’t know how to achieve this special effect? Look no further, here’s a guide on what to think about when choosing your object, how to shoot and what to do in post-production.

Photography is the art of capturing light, IR photography on the other hand is the art of capturing invisible light — but the challenge comes with its benefits, IR photographs can be really attention grabbing and otherworldly.

Wildlife Photography Tips : Take Better Wildlife Photos
Monday, 01.04.2010, 01:24am
This post describes some basic tips to improve the quality of wildlife photography. Anyone interested in capturing more compelling images of animals will find it useful in furthering the development of their skills
Ikan Gulung Saus Yogurt
Wednesday, 12.23.2009, 04:40pm
Hidangan pembuka dan penutup ala Asia, dan hidangan utama gaya Eropa, berpadu harmonis dengan penataan yang cantik dan mewah. Selamat hari Natal!
Hal-hal yg Harus di Foto Wedding
Wednesday, 12.23.2009, 11:13am
Tips bagi anda sekalian yg menamakan dirinya Wedding Photographer .
Perkedel Udang
Tuesday, 12.22.2009, 02:07pm
Teknik membuatnya sama dengan perkedel kentang, bedanya pada bahan utama, udang. Paduan bumbu yang menawarkan cita rasa Thai membuat perkedel ini lezat. Apalagi kalau disajikan selagi panas.
Heart Warming Chili
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:21am
Heart Warming Chili Soup
Egg Rolls With Aztec Tortilla Soup
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:18am
Egg Rolls With Aztec Tortilla Soup
Catalonian Cod Soup
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:13am
Don't miss this Cod Soup and learn how to cook. 
Italian Garden Pizza
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:11am
Italian Garden Pizza
Homemade Pizza
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:07am
Do you know how to make your homemade pizza ?
Cheese and Sausage Tomato Pie
Monday, 12.21.2009, 02:01am
Cheese and Sausage Tomato Pie
Buffalo Chicken Pizzas
Monday, 12.21.2009, 01:53am
This tasty recipe was a finalist in the 39th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in 2000. Create four mini crusts and top with Buffalo Chicken for a flavor-packed pie.
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  »  Buffalo Chicken Pizzas
  »  Buffalo Chicken Pizzas
  »  Create your own Bokeh
  »  Ice Cream Sundae Pie
  »  Frozen Mixed Berry Pie
  »  Apple Mince Pie
  »  Creamy Lemon Pie