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Rooster's Fortunes in The Year Of Rabbit 2011

Saturday, 02.05.2011, 09:45pm (GMT-5)

10th Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster – 鸡

The Rooster is always popular, extravagant and creative.. They can be brutally honest and generally like being showered with attention. They are wonderfully loyal friends and also give advice freely – whether they are asked for it or not! Family means the world to the Rooster and they are fiercely loyal to those they care about.

People born in the year of Rooster are very usually observant. Most of the time, they are very accurate and precise with their observation. These people certainly love find themselves in the spotlight, they love entertaining friends and adore meeting new people, and even unexpected and uncertain circumstances are not a barrier for them. It is almost impossible to find someone born in this year looking dowdy or untidy. The fact is that these people are usually one of the best dressed and groomed of all other people. They are actively interested in clothes, colours, and accessories, and usually are very critical about their own appearance as well as about appearance of those they are surrounded by. People born in the year of rooster like to be noticed and flattered. Such person might dress a little flashily with this in mind, but in his heart, he/she is completely conservative. Roosters - type always appear attractive and beautifully turned out. They are sociable and love to receive attention. Others may criticize them for being exhibitionists but the fact that they are a compassionate, wise and have a brave nature which comes to the fore when others need their help makes up that deficiency.

It is difficult for these people to accept advice because of their strong independent spirit. On the other hand these people are often confident in their own judgments and choices, and it is not a problem for them to follow their own routine. There are times when these people may be too rectilineal and it can cause some problems in relationships with others. So it would be wise sometimes not to express their opinions in order to keep the peace.

Though sharp, practical and resourceful, the Rooster type also likes to dream. And because he/she likes to dream, he/she might by disappointed by the loved one, for the reality usually doesn't match up to the dreams. In fact it is very important to remember that these people are often sincere about their dreams. Their close friends appreciate this sensitive and courageous side, but acquaintances are only likely to see it in times of crisis.

Rooster Fortune in 2011:

The rooster will encounter a lot of obstacles in work. Due to low popularity, you will be involved in verbal spats and will also be framed by others this year. Your work will not go well, money will be a major worry as well. It is recommended that you get to know more about financial management, be thrifty and do not break the law to earn quick money. Also, do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year or you might get yourself involved in lawsuits. There will be a alot of ups and downs for your love life, expect some problems with your marriage. You will feel moody at times due to the pressure from work and you should seek medical advice if you are feeling unwell. Any delays will be bad for your health.

Rooster Career in 2011:

The overall fortune for the career of the rooster is bad. There will be a lot of right and wrong questions that will appear and you will suffer from a loss of mood due to poor human relations. As such, you should look towards having more group discussions and interactions during work to enhance interpersonal relationships. You should remain low key this year and do not be involved in disputes even if you do not agree with the others. Remain patient and calm when resolving any issues. Communicate more with your family and friends or take some time off to bring them out. Listening to their opinions and views is a great way to reduce stress and to calm yourself down.

Rooster Wealth in 2011:

There are signs that the rooster will suffer from financial loss this year. More often than not, you will spend excessively and your income and expenditure will be unbalanced. You must learn to manage your money well, try to cut costs and think twice before making any purchases. Self control is essential. Make an effort to save up on emergency funds. Also, you might be involved in a lawsuit due to money disputes so do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year. It is also not recommended to make any investments or take part in any gambling activities this year.

Rooster Love in 2011:

As Rooster suffer from poor interpersonal relationships and frequent mood swings this year, it is easy for disputes to happy with your partner. Both parties must learn to be patient with each other, understand and care for each other to maintain the relationship. For those who are married, the marriage is prone to the intrusion of a third party, conflicts will happen and disputes will cause a breakdown of relationship. It is also recommended for the couple to understand and forgive each other, treasure the happy life that both of you are leading right now. For singles, it is better to think twice when choosing a partner, get to know the each other well to determine if he/she is your ideal partner. When in dilemma, seek opinions and views from the elders.

Rooster Health in 2011:

Health is not ideal this year, the poor fortune will result in major stress when facing life. It is important to maintain cheerful and calm during this testing time to solve the problem. You will be easily nervous this year and suffer from insomnia. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical treatment promptly and get plenty of rest.

Rooster  Compatibility:

  • The Boar

    Modest relationship. They collaborate only if it is an absolute must. They are too different and have almost nothing in common. The Boar's marriage: Modest relationship.
  • The Dog

    Modest relationship. They may be friends for a while, but won’t be too close. The Rooster is constantly boiling with nerves, which is contrary to the Dog’s calmness. The Dog's marriage: Modest relationship.
  • The Rooster

    Pretty good relationship. They have the same faults and qualities. They will fight for supremacy and won’t think of the other’s needs. If each tempers his pride, the relationship may be improved.
  • The Monkey

    Limited relationship. Professionally they collaborate quite well, but don’t really get along. None wants to subordinate and that will keep them apart. They cooperate only if they have common goals.
  • The Goat

    Delicate relationship. They communicate rather well, but are quite different. Long term tolerance is not an option and they end up fighting.
  • The Horse

    Difficult and unpredictable relationship. They are initially attracted to each other, but they end up having violent fights because of their vanity.
  • The Snake

    Good relationship. They are compatible and have many things in common. They can also achieve good results together. The Snake's marriage: Very good relationship.
  • The Dragon

    Modest relationship. The communicate well and may be friends, but not more. Their temperaments are different and they usually end up having different opinions.
  • The Rabbit

    Very bad relationship. They aren’t compatible and may only collaborate on a professional level. The Cat/Rabbit's marriage: Pretty modest relationship. The two get along quite well, but big conflicts appear in time.
  • The Tiger

    Modest relationship. They tolerate each other but can’t renounce competition between them. Even though they have difficulties in communicating, they might have some remarkable achievements
  • The Ox

    Very good relationship. The two get along perfectly and have great achievements. The Rooster and the Ox make an almost perfect couple and they may live happily ever after.
  • The Rat

    Difficult relationship. The bond between them isn’t too strong and they have frecquent arguments. They only manage to torment each other.

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