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Dragon's Fortunes in The Year Of Rabbit 2011

Saturday, 02.05.2011, 09:54pm (GMT-5)

5th Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon – 龙

Assertive, energetic and talented are all words to describe the Dragon personality. On the other hand, the Dragon has a tendency to be condescending and tactless without realizing it. They generally enjoy robust health and tend to be very successful in anything they turn their hand to.

The Dragon is magnificent. He is flamboyant, attractive and full of vitality and strength. In China the Dragon is the imperial symbol, the sign of the emperor, or the male element Yang. The Dragon is the symbol of power and wealth.

It would be right to say that people born in the year of the dragon have a natural charisma and are certainly gifted with power and luck. It is unlikely for them to escape unnoticed from a party or to take a second place in a competition. The dragon person has an active mind and shows an unfeigned interest in the world around him/her. This person is also self-confident enough to know how to create a necessary impression. Because they are larger than life themselves, dragon people like to do everything on a grand scale. They are egoistical and ambitious, almost to the point of megalomania, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Person born in this year wears the crown of destiny, and is capable of great achievements if he/she knows how to harness his/her tremendous energy, intelligence and talent. While these people enjoy being the centre of attention, they also have a brave and charitable side to their personality. If a dragon's friend faces a problem or dilemma he/she will be there to offer help, and when others leave the field of battle the dragon person makes a step forward to solve the problem with authority and dignity. These people set the high standard of actions for themselves as well as for other people and are surprised when others cannot cope with a task; they are so carried away by the process that fail to see other people's weaknesses.

The Chinese believe that there is a balance between heaven and earth in the life of people born in the year of the dragon, and successful follows them everywhere. Along with a good fortune, these people are also good organizers, who can step in at the right moment with an exciting or creative scheme. They can be quick-tempered and obstinate, and sometimes too outspoken, but there is usually good advice in their criticisms or suggestions. As a friend, person born in this year is often allows him/herself to be carried away by his/her needs to show everyone the way and neglects to solicit opinions and ideas from others. Yet no one could find a more devoted, open-hearted friend than this personality type. His/her vibrant, positive attitude is irreplaceable to have around and one can always count on him to support his friends unequivocally in times of need. 

Dragon Fortune in 2011:

This year for the dragon, you seem to gain many lucky star plus the evil star is minimize. Therefore this is a good year ahead for you. There will be many nobility that will come to you, advance performance at work but there will be damage cause by some people around. You should make more communication with others and improve interpersonal relationship, career development will be more favorable. For the business people, you will get the chance to meet honored person’s support, wealth is very smooth, you can see a return on your investment. Love life is smooth, sweet and warm. Health need to prone to insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort or breathing problems. To avoid funeral this year.

Dragon Career in 2011:

This year work get easier and more efficient for the dragon. Together from your efforts and supports from others, you will be able to receive fame and fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, things get extremely well. But sometimes when you get extremely well and smooth, you may seem to inevitably provoke jealousy and destruction, so when dealing with colleagues you should be more humble to avoid people from thinking that you are over the top and bring down your good deeds. For those that are into investment, you will be able to gain some good progress but do not take it too lightly from your own success, you will still need to listen and take advise from people around you.

Dragon Wealth in 2011:

In the Year of the Rabbit’s, fortunes steadily goes upward, good income, but because the health status of this year is not ideal, resulting in health issues that may cause you to spending too much, missed a lot of money making opportunity. This year you must learn financial management, at the wealth of good times, you also do not spend too much money. You should be cautious and save for a rainy day. For people in the financial sector, you may encounter some issue with monetary upon meeting the villains in the field. You have to always study clearly before making a decision. In addition, you should not be a guarantor this year in order to avoid loss of money.

Dragon Love in 2011:

Love luck is good this year, especially the single men and women you will very likely meet someone desirable, you can take part in more social activities, give yourself more opportunities. But marriage matter, you may not deal with it too easily, have clear discussion with each other and make sure that you have good understanding and patience for each other’s character and personality, not by the first impression to impulsive decisions, otherwise there would be more trouble. For the attached, relationship is smooth and warm. If you can make more effort to add more sparks for the couple will be good.

Dragon Health in 2011:

In the Year of the Rabbit, the dragon will be in need of attention in the health situation, because this resistance is weak, prone to problems, therefore there is a need for you to be cautious on your diet and exercise more, with special attention to gastrointestinal problems, you should be careful with what you eat. Do not take the uncooked food to avoid stomach upset. For those that drive, you should pay attention to traffic safety, in order to avoid disaster which may spill some blood. Female dragon individual health is not ideal, with particular attention to gynecological diseases, go for examination on a regular basis, early detection, early treatment by the doctor.

Dragon Compatibility:

  • The Boar

    Pretty good relationship, especially on a professional level. Their collaboration may yield results, but on long term, conflicts will appear. The Boar's marriageModest relationship. 
  • The Dog

    Bad relationship. The two are much too different and won’t manage to find a common language. It takes a huge effort for the two to be capable of acting together. 
  • The Rooster

    Satisfying relationship. They work rather well together, even though the Dragon’s impetuosity and lack of patience aren’t to the liking of the thorough Rooster. With a little effort, everything may be solved. 
  • The Monkey

    Very good relationship. The two get along excellently on all levels and will have success together. The Monkey's marriagePretty good relationship. 
  • The Goat

    Difficult relationship. The Goat’s sensitivity cannot get used to the Dragon’s roughness. The relationship may work well only if both make efforts in order to change their behavior. 
  • The Horse

    Modest relationship, dominated by mutual respect. They don’t have much in common, but will manage to cooperate. The Horse is too peaceful for the adventurous Dragon. In time, the relationship may improve. 
  • The Snake

    Rather good relationship, but it doesn’t excel at anything. The two have different ways of acting, but they may collaborate if they have a common goal. Both are rather egocentric and will try to gain as much as possible from each other.
  • The Dragon

    Rather good relationship. The two need to set clear and hard to attain goals in order to consume the huge energy reserves they have. Otherwise, they will find each other and they will both lose. 
  • The Rabbit

    Pretty good relationship. The two collaborate well, even if they don’t necessarily agree on the methods. They have enough common interests. 
  • The Tiger

    Spectacular relationship that begins with a bitter fight for supremacy. After the hierarchy is established, the two may achieve outstanding results. Together, they are a huge force and can overcome any obstacle.
  • The Ox

    Average relationship, satisfying only on a professional level. They respect each other but aren’t too close. They work well together though, because both are resistant to effort.
  • The Rat

    Good relationship, the two manage to cooperate efficiently. The Dragon’s initiative manages to put to good use the knowledge that the Rat has gathered.

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