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Rabbit's Fortunes in The Year Of Rabbit 2011

Saturday, 02.05.2011, 09:58pm (GMT-5)

4th Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit – 兔

Cuddly, warm and affectionate are the attributes of the Rabbit. Mysterious and a great party-giver and host, the Rabbit enjoys being the center of attention once in a while. The Rabbit is occasionally over cautious and can be a bit boring. He is also one of the luckiest signs in the Chinese Astrology chart.

People born in the year of the rabbit often make ideal diplomats or politicians. Rabbit person has grace, culture and beautiful manners. Although rabbit people get on well with everyone, at heart they are basically reserved creatures, and are only really happy when they are engrossed in some sort of scholarly or intellectual activity. They are just too sensitive to the world around them. They are just not able to thrive in a competitive or aggressive environment, and it makes them anxious if someone forces them to take risks. Their inner world is simply too delicate for unsettled or unpredictable situations, and they tend to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere on a hunch. This character trait makes them very hospitable and attentive people, who take care of those around. The average rabbit person emphasizes the importance of small details. They pay attention to everything from colour, design and furniture to food and conversation. And only when they are sure that everything has been arranged as they wished, these people can relax and have fun. Person born in the year of rabbit often leads a conservative lifestyle, where one of the most important things is their security. This quality has a negative side also. Opting for safety over risk they may miss good opportunities. This does not imply that these people are frivolous or irresponsible, for when they truly believe in some thing they are serious, perseverant and capable.

Calm as they are, it is not easy to provoke rabbit people. They are sentimental and compassionate. Yes, and they cry easily too. They can be moved by personal problems you share with them. Therefore, if you work as a salesman for a living, you will have much better luck with rabbit people - Nine out of Ten Rabbit people will definitely buy your products!

Rabbit Fortune in 2011:

This is the Tai sui year for the rabbit, there is plenty of evil star and less lucky ones. You may encounter many obstacles this year in the things you do. You may have nobility that can lend a hand in your career but you will still be prone to possible pressure. You have to stay positive and strive to forge ahead, try as much as you can to improve your social skills to make future career. You will be very much prone to emotional problems, you will encounter many moodswings, hot temper and it is sometimes difficult to control. You may encounter many argument with others. This year, you should pay attention to your health, stay alert to prevent accidents. Wealth is bad, not suitable for high-risk investments in order to avoid money disputes.

Rabbit Career in 2011:

This year at work, there is a lot of pressure for the rabbit, social relationships may not be too good when dealing with bosses and fellow colleagues, disputes may occur. You may need to put in extra effort to improve relations between people around you as well as keeping low profile on everything you got to do. Be mindful of your behaviour and on others to avoid offending anyone. You may meet some nobility, but possible obstacles is surrounding. Therefore you are to be vigilant and alert, do not take thing too lightly. You should also carry out tasks step by step to avoid unecessary problem that may affect the progress of the task. Rabbit people should be extra careful In everything you do this year, making new friends to be specific, especially a partner.

Rabbit Wealth in 2011:

This is a very bad fortune year for the rabbit. Not only it is difficult for you to earn bucks, you may encounter money loss that may cause you to result in financial crisis. You should be more aware of your spending as well as being extra careful whe dealing with money. Do not rely on others, and avoid doing any business. You should be careful on any investment or being a guarantor is not advisable. As for those that are doing business, you may consider to stay low profile and avoid any big investment. Strong advise to avoid stock investment or any form of gambling.

Rabbit Love in 2011:

Love luck is weak, regardless whether you are single or married. Singles do not expect too much, even if there is chances of meeting people, most of it will not meet a good result. As the mood for the rabbit is poor, stormy moods and hot temper, you may find that there is a lot of arguments and disputes between the attached. Try to take the initiative and accommodating each other, make effort for more communication.

If there is any breakup due to unnecessary fight, you will regret. There will also be many villains that intrudes into your relationship.

Rabbit Health in 2011:

This year health is not pleasant as there is an evil star in it. Health for the rabbit will be relatively poor, pay extra attention on the gastrointestinal problems, you are also prone to Xueguang. You should develop good eating habits, have healthy meal and eat on time. You will also be prone to limbs injury, be careful when handling metal tool, stay as far away as you can. When you are not in a good mood, you should avoid going out, such as the inevitable need to drive or travel. Pay attention to safety this year, avoid situation that may triggers your emotion and provoke unnecessary trouble.

Rabbit Compatibility:

  • The Pig

    Very good relationship, as the two act together efficiently. They understand each other telepathically and have a great common asset sensitivity. They have many common passions and goals.
  • The Dog

    Pretty good relationship. The two collaborate well and may have success together. The Cat’s ability allows her to efficiently guide the obedient dog.
  • The Rooster

    A seemingly impossible combination. The two don’t get along at all and will try to dominate each other. If they get over their native tendencies, they may collaborate well.
  • The Monkey

    Rather cold relationship. None trusts the other and each feels that they might have something to lose. They may tolerate each other but won’t manage to get too close. 
  • The Goat

    This is the best match for the Cat, since they have many affinities. Together they have much success and their collaboration will yield prosperity.
  • The Horse

    Bad relationship. The two don’t understand each other and may have violent conflicts. They don’t have much in common and do not manage to collaborate.
  • The Snake

    A hard to maintain relationship. The both excel at ability and dissimulation. They treat each other very cautiously. Acting together, with a common goal, they may have excellent results. They know how to tolerate each other.
  • The Dragon

    Pretty good relationship. The Cat’s ability allows her to efficiently guide the unpredictable Dragon. They may have some conflicts, but they will be easily solved.
  • The Rabbit

    Good relationship, near telepathic communication, but also much snugness. The two will act very economically, but will be rather efficient. They have the same passions, but mostly the same faults. 
  • The Tiger

    They don’t get along great and don’t trust each other. The Cat acts with diplomacy in order to restrain the Tiger’s force. The Tiger won’t accept a role of subordinate and will run away.
  • The Ox

    Pretty good relationship, the Ox’s pleasure to work completing the Cat’s laziness well. They may cooperate well, on the sole condition that the Ox lets himself be guided by the Cat’s ability and intuition.
  • The Rat

    The appreciate each other, they have some common interests, but they keep away from each other. There are no major conflicts, but neither are they too close.

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