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Rat's Fortunes in The Year Of Rabbit 2011

Saturday, 02.05.2011, 10:01pm (GMT-5)

1st Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat – 鼠

Rats are charming, elegant and clever. They can be a bit gossipy and prone to being distracted. They’re also thrifty and very good with handling money. Family and close friends are exceptionally important to them. The Rat is charming beyond words and throughout his undoubtedly long life he will always be popular and will have many friends.

The Rat type is very sociable. Such people are full of charm and vivacity, and love being surrounded by people. In case of something not goes like planed they are able to quickly assess both the hindrances and the new chances, and while others are wondering how to react and what to do, these people have already seen and taken advantage of the opportunity that lies there. They are usually strong-willed and ambitious. On the other hand they should be careful not to force their ideas on other people. Generally these people enjoy all forms of social interaction, and no party is complete without their lively wit and humor.

A person born under this sign is extremely hard-working. They want to achieve their goals so much that can seem to be selfish or stubborn, but those who knows rat - people understand that they believe in what they are doing and approach it whole-heartedly. They are very talented and experienced organizers and are able to handle even the most difficult problems. These people are fair in their conduct and expect the same from those they work with in return. So it is important to remember that these people can be deeply affronted if they suspect that they have been deceived or their trust has been abused. It happened that this type of people can set their goals too high, whether in relationship to their friends or in career, but as they are getting older they become more tolerant and wise.

Being in company these people can be open and gregarious and so are welcome to any party. They are interesting interlocutors, usually have a sense of humor and are generous with both their compliments and attention. On the other hand if such person finds him/herself in a situation where he/she feels that he/she is not being properly understood, a more petty or critical side will probably emerge. It is important to remember that rat people desperately want and need to be understood and others would be wise not to push or corner them, since those born in the Year of the Rat jealously guard their privacy.

Rat Fortune in 2011:

  It a Tai Sui year for rat, surfacing all the good luck, you will also face several problems which may cause you to be in many mix situations. Due to many obstacles and issues that goes wrong, you may tend to feel stressful. In the Year of the Rabbit’s, you must learn stay calm and be extra careful at all cause to avoid any accident. You may meet the opportunity to go abroad for business, you can hold on to the opportunity to fully develop their potential. You may also realize that the opposite sex seem to act as a good assistance in your career.

Rat Career in 2011:

This year although there might be good of progress from last year. But there seem to have many difficult obstacles that affect your work efficiency. When at work, you may get into argument with colleagues, and arise of villains. You know that it is difficult to avoid gossip, but as long as you keep a low profile. More action than words to minimize any damage. You should be more pro-active than before to bring in more opportunities. You may be drag in to court matter this year therefore you should be careful when dealing with important documents or transactions.

Rat Wealth in 2011:

This year you may feel very busy and many tasks to accomplish. Wealth is weak and certainly not smooth that may cause money loss. Therefore it is suggested that you maintain low profile and avoid any form of investment or business commitment. Be extra careful when dealing with important document or any contract. Do not be a guarantor this year to avoid lawsuits or even bankruptcy. Pay attention to who you put in your trust as you may be easily taken.

Rat Love in 2011:

This year love luck is good, romance is the air. With love luck on your side, it is a good chance for those who yet to find someone desireable. You may also consider to take initiative. There may be more emotional unstability for the rat therefore it is advisable for you to practise tolerance as for your first move. Make chance for communication with your partner and show more trust towards each other. Singles should keep a clear head, and avoid being taken.

Rat Health in 2011:

Health is weak due to emotional instability, it is easy that you generate disputes, and misunderstanding, you may encounter insomnia, therefore you should keep calm and maintain a positive frame of mind. This year, you must guard against energy loss, and be mindful to regulate your mood. Pay close attention to your diet, especially in relatively hot weather season. Avoid cold food.

Rat Compatibility:

  • The Pig

    The two get along rather well, they have the same goals and will enjoy each other’s company. It is a modest, but lasting relationship.

  • The Dog

    Mutual respect, each tries to collaborate with the other in order to reach common goals. It is a relationship of friendship and collaboration, quiet but rather boring from the Rat’s point of view.The Dog's...
  • The Rooster

    An average relationship, with communicational problems. They will avoid each other and will not manage to stay together for long. There may be some attraction between them, but it will disappear in time.
  • The Monkey

    Very good relationship, the two get along very well. They manage to achieve important success, professionally and personally. There is much love and respect between them and they complete each other well.
  • The Goat

    Not very good, but not a very bad relationship either. The two don’t have much in common. The relationship may be circumstantial and will probably not last long.
  • The Horse

    Pretty rough relationship. There will be conflicts at all levels and basic differences in their views. They have different personalitites that are totally opposed. Normally, a relationship is not recommended.
  • The Snake

    Promising relationship, the success depends on their cooperation and mutual help. They might have good results on a professional level, if the Rat accepts that the Snake is the boss.
  • The Dragon

    Excellent relationship, for marriage, as well as for business. The Dragon’s force and aggressiveness are tempered by the Rat’s calm and thoroughness. Working constantly and efficiently, the two may enjoy success.
  • The Rabbit

    Friendly relationship, not much friction going on, neither much closeness. They two may collaborate well on a professional level and in any kind of business.
  • The Tiger

    Pretty delicate relationship, the two tolerate each other with difficulty. There won’t be major arguments, but neither will they get too close to each other. There is a lack of a common goal or motivation.

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