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U-S-A ... U-S-A ... U-S-oooooh
Thursday, 07.05.2012, 01:10pm

usa4th of July! excited that you bought an American product? proud of it? having fun with it? feeling patriotic? look at under the box package. It will shoot you down like hell


General Asian Stereotype - Racism Much?
Monday, 09.03.2012, 12:54pm
What do you have i mind when an Asian kid is introduced in your school? pale skin, slanted eyes, smart but mentally undeveloped? this one will surprise you
The True Meaning Of No Discrimination
Sunday, 09.02.2012, 02:53pm
discriminationthis guy defines No Discrimination perfectly, I won't even argue whether or not he is sexist or racist, he does not discriminate at all
How do you enter the Shower?
Sunday, 09.02.2012, 01:58pm
showerare you man enough to stand under the shower and turn it on? or you prefer to take it slow? or none of it?
The Best Reason To Pirate a Movie Off The Intenet
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:36pm
MPAA is telling you that pirating a movie is wrong, movie producers and movie theaters suffer from movie piracy, but there is a very good reason for it, this guys sums it up perfectly.
THE Most Convincing Skin Lightening Product Ads
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:15pm
People in Asia are obsessed with light skin, they would buy any products that could lighten their skin color and pay good money for it.
Why You Should Pick Nokia Instead of iPhone
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:58pm
iphone vs nokiaAlmost everybody picks iphone when it comes to their next phone, but this is a reason why should pick a Nokia, preferably an older version
Boy and Girl's Reaction to a Break-Up
Saturday, 08.25.2012, 02:18pm
 heartBreak-up always hurt someone, either the boy or the girl, but their reaction is totally different, although both will still need tissues.
Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of Others
Monday, 08.06.2012, 09:16pm
You should never make fun of other people, especially when you are not perfect yourself, it could backfire at you badly.
Looking For a Beard Mentor
Monday, 08.06.2012, 09:07pm
A guy has grown his beard and mustache over the past few years and looking for a pro to help him styling them.
Windows vs Linux vs OSX vs FreeBSD - Which One is Best?
Saturday, 07.21.2012, 12:28am
Windows vs Linux vs OSXBuying a computer is such a dilemma, not only hardware wise, but Operating system wise as well. Which one should we use? Microsoft's Windows or Linux or Apple's OSX or Free BSD?
Man Looking For a Date to Watch Dark Knight Rises... With a Catch
Friday, 07.20.2012, 11:32am
dark knight rises premiereThis person has extra ticket to spare to watch The Dark Knight Rises, wanna go? there is a little catch though.
I Thought Asians Were Good Hackers
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 10:30am
hackerWhen it comes to bootlegging and pirating software, Asians, especially Chinese are top of the pile, above Americans, for sure, and this is exactly why.
Funny Basketball Moment - Mismatch Opponents
Monday, 07.16.2012, 12:56pm
mismatch opponentsIt's funny when you see someone small has to guard someone twice his size on basketball court, this happened to Terance Tan of Serangoon.
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