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Reporter Mistaken Sex Toy For A Giant Mushroom

Monday, 06.25.2012, 06:52pm (GMT-5)

Sex toys are very common here in America, but apparently they are not in China as this cute reporter mistaken a vagina mastubator for a rare giant mushroom.

It started when a village farmer was digging a well, and when it reached 100 meters deep, he found some kind of 'hard' plant that looks like a mushroom.

The 80 year old man, who is unfamiliar with sex toys, was surprised and had no idea what it was, and his fellow villagers also couldn't give him an answer, so he called his local news agency.

When the news reporter came in and saw it, she picked it up, measured it and said it was a giant mushroom or called or in Chinese, it's called Lingzhi mushroom.

tv reporter show mushroom

When the 'discovery' was being aired, her audiences recognized it right away as mastubator for lonely men.

The TV network later on apologized for showing inappropriate content on their show.

Maybe China ought to have more sex toys across their country, it's not bad, and it helps their sex life, makes it more... colorful. Don't you agree?


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