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Practice Makes Perfect, But...
Thursday, 05.24.2012, 11:55pm
Practice makes perfect, sure, but something is missing here, it still won't fill the hole of her soul, she needs the real thing
Dog Is A Man's Best Friend And... Designated Driver
Wednesday, 05.16.2012, 01:32pm
men best
 friendDogs are known as men's best friends, but did you know that they could act more than just a friend at home? they could be your designated driver too
Why There Will Be More Single Girls This Summer
Wednesday, 05.16.2012, 01:27pm
This summer won't be too pleasant for chicks looking for a new boyfriend. Wanna know why?single girl
The Most Convincing Product Review Ever on Amazon
Thursday, 05.03.2012, 03:59pm
There is no secret that we always read the reviews before we buy something online especially on, well this review couldn't be more convincing to me, and funny as hell also.
Husband Diary vs Wife Diary - Very True
Thursday, 05.03.2012, 03:26pm
wife diaryIf your husband / boyfriend is not talking to you, it doesn't mean he is angry at you or bored with you, there could be something else in his head. You MUST READ THIS!
What You Should Teach Your Dad About Facebook
Friday, 04.20.2012, 06:47pm
Some parents are not as tech-savvy as us, so it would be wise to teach them one thing or two about facebook before letting them loose out there.
Looking For A Hot Cali Girl On Craigslist
Friday, 04.20.2012, 06:38pm
cali girlLooking for a date online is a common thing now, especially on facebook, but what about on Cragslist? probably not the best idea as you don't know what kind of troll would be messing with you.
You Don't Mess With Japanese Dads
Monday, 03.26.2012, 10:16am
Kids always mess up with their dads, even go as far as against them, but you don't mess with a Japanese dad, especially like this one.
Dogs Are Men's Best Friends? Confirmed
Sunday, 03.25.2012, 11:13pm
there is a saying that a dog is a man's best friend, and many have confirmed it, but this picture says it best.
Pervert Level: Japanese
Sunday, 03.25.2012, 10:43pm
Thought of yourself as a pervert over something hot? I don't think you can be compared to this guy just yet, his pervert level?
Life Sucks
Sunday, 03.25.2012, 10:21pm
When you are young, life is wonderful right? you can fool around and have fun. But be careful, and always use protection, otherwise this happens.
Funniest Chef Troll
Sunday, 03.25.2012, 10:14pm
chef trollVery funny Hell Kitchen parody, now this is the art of trolling
The Most Convincing and Funniest Movie Review
Sunday, 03.25.2012, 09:50pm
reviewSometimes when your friend ask you to go see a movie, you'd still be all skeptical and unconvinced right? Well, below is the most convincing and funniest movie review I've come across in a very long time.

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