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The End Of The Legendary Wonders Of Ancient World
Friday, 04.29.2011, 02:01pm

There were Times when the great old civilizations build their most celebrated architectural marvel which stood against time, but only of of them survived till now: The Pyramid of Giza


Are Mermaids real? Federal Goverment says no. Sure, we believe
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 12:56pm
Federal Government say that Mermaids are not real but shut down websites showing the video footage, why? sure, we believe you. But wait, it gets stranger from here.
Korean Creation Myth
Saturday, 05.14.2011, 03:21pm
the Korean Myth of "Dan-Gun, First King of Korea" and see how this myth may have answered some of the questions that early Koreans may have had.
The Most Beautiful Cursed And Mythical Creatures
Friday, 04.22.2011, 03:41am
There are many mythical creatures, but not many of them are well known as beautiful, even though they have their own curse behind them. These are the most beautiful mythical creatures that we've come to know.