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The Most Beautiful Cursed And Mythical Creatures

Friday, 04.22.2011, 03:41am (GMT-5)

There are many cursed and mythical creatures, but not many of them are well known as beautiful, they have sad stories behind them, and some were born cruel, however we still can't deny that with their beauty, they bear their own curse. These are the most beautiful mythical creatures that we've come to know.

1. The Alkonost
It has the body of a bird with the head and chest of a beautiful woman. The Alkonost lives in paradise but comes to our world to deliver messages. She has very sweet voice and sings very sweet songs that anybody who hear them will forget everything, and her songs are of joy as well as sorrow

In Greek mythology, Sirens are legendary creatures that live in the ocean and sea. They reside in an island called Sirenum Scopuli, or according to other traditions, they in in the island of Anthemusa, which are surrounded by big rocks, they are well known as amazing singers and their songs would make sailors stunned and lose concentration and make the ship hits the rocks and sinks.

3. Succubus
In the western legends, succubus (plural succubi) or succuba (plural succubae) are demons that take the shape of beautiful women to seduce men, especially priests and have sexual intercourse. They suck the energy out of men to survive by drawing out their aura and life energy to their death.

4. Medusa
Medusa originally was a beautiful virgin and a priestess in a temple for Athena. But one day she was raped by Poseidan in Athen's temple. She sought comfort to Athena, but instead angered her. Athena cursed her and changed her hair into snakes and cursed that whoever sees into her eyes will turn into stone.

Ekidhna is called the mother of all monsters, she is also known as the snake woman. Ekhidna resides in a cave called Arima. She and her spouse, Tiphoeus or Tifon give birth to many scary monsters in Greek mythologies.
Upper part of Ekhidna is a woman, but the lower part is a snake. Ekhidna also often depicted as having wings and two tails.
One day, she and her spose attacked Olympus' gods and goddesses. Zeus defeated them with his lightnings and keep Tifon under the mountain of Etna, but Zeus let Ekhidna and her children alive as challenges to his heroes. Ekhidna can stay alive for a very long time, but she was slayed by a Titan called Argus Panoptes.

Lilith is a female demon from Babylon who liked to steal human children. The Hebrews adopted this story and took her as Adam's first wife that was created by dust. Because of this, Lilith thought of herself as equal to Adam. Adam refused this and God threw Lilith from heaven. Lilith met Lucifer, and from their matings, millions of demons were born.

Lamia was a beautiful queen who became a child-eating demon and she has a serpent's tail below the waist.
Lamia was the daughter of Poseidon, she and Zeus were the parents of Herophile, She had an affair with Zeus and bore him children, so when Hera, Zeus's wife, discovered the affair, she was angered and killed their children. Driven insane from the grief, Lamia started devouring other children that were not hers, and her face became hideous from her grisly deeds.

8. Hamadryad
Hamadryads live in trees. Hamadryads are born bonded to a particular tree, and they won't leave their own tree. Some legends believe that hamadryads are the actual tree, while normal dryads are the entities, or spirits of the trees. If the trees die, the hamadryads bonded with them die as well because of their strong bonding and connection.

Empousa was the georgous daughter of the spirit Mormohe and the goddess Hecate. She fed on blood by seducing young and healthy men to sleep, before feeding on their blood and eating their flesh. Empousa was pictured as wearing brazen slippers and bearing flaming hair. Her name means "one-footed", which rise to the iconography of a one-legged hybrid, with a donkey's leg and a bronze prosthetic leg.

10. The Sphinx
The sphinx has the haunches of a lion, the wings of a bird, and the face and chest of an adult woman. She is mythologized as merciless and treacherous. Those who unable to answer her riddles would suffer an ill fate typical in such mythological stories, as they would be eaten by this monster.

11. Arachne
Arachne was a great weaver who boasted that her skills were greater than that of Athena. She refused to acknowledge that her knowledge came from that goddess herself. This offended the goddess as she set a contest between the  weavers. She then destroyed the tapestry and loom and slashed the Arachne's face. and ultimately, the goddess turned Arachne into a spider.

Did any of you find these creatures attractive? and if you do, which one do you think the most beautiful?