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Very Creative Way To Propose To Loved One
Friday, 06.03.2011, 02:28am

This has to be one of the most creative ways to propose?


Cleavage Cover Keeps People From Peeking at Your Cleavage
Monday, 09.03.2012, 05:44pm
cleavage coverTired of people peeking at your cleavage especially when you bend over? now you can cover your cleavage with this cleavage cover, made in Japan.
How to Teach Children About Sex With Pens as Analogy
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:48pm
talk about sexIt's always difficult to talk to children about sex, it's awkward, and it feels weird. You can use pens as analogy to make it less awkward and easier to accept even at early age.
Pepsi Exploded and Created a Joker-Like Scar on a Boy's Face
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 09:27pm
A Pepsi exploded in front of a boy's face and created a big Joker-like scar on his face.
Rich Man Drug-Raped 60 Models and Stars, Video-Taped the Sex Scenes
Sunday, 08.26.2012, 03:27pm
Li Zongrui, the son of a rich Taiwanese businessman, is suspected of drug-raping models and stars and videotaped the sex scenes while raping them.
Chinese Girl Turns Car Upside Down 4 Times in 2 Years
Sunday, 08.26.2012, 02:54pm
 upside downA 17 year old Chinese girl turned her car upside down 4th time in 2 years, twice in China twice in America, and you are supposed to trust a little Chinese girl with your car?
10 Year Old Girl Blackmailed With Her Nude Photos
Tuesday, 08.14.2012, 09:45pm
This is exactly why you girls should not post naked in front of webcam for the guy you thought nice, this boy blackmailed a 10 year old girl with her nude photos after she refused to pay him online coins.
Teacher Ordered Students to Beat Up a Girl for Talking in Class
Sunday, 08.12.2012, 12:48pm
This crazy teacher was so pissed that Le Le was talking in her class, she ordered her class of 32 students to beat up the poor girl.
ChinaJoy Booth Babe's Head Shaved When She Passed Out
Thursday, 08.02.2012, 07:39pm
china idol head shavedThis is a pretty cruel prank. One of ChinaJoy's booth babes passed out from exhaustion, and while she was unconscious, someone shaved her head.
This Woman Might Have Found the Fountain Of Youth
Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 09:59pm
of youthCan you believe this woman is 41 years old? she looks even younger than most women in their 20s here, wanna her secret to keep looking young?
Woman Turned Away From Salon Because She is Black
Friday, 07.27.2012, 10:47am
turned away because she is blackAccording to Metro, a beauty salon turned away a woman and denied her service because she was black, is that so?
Girl Switches Job to be a Full Time Hooker To Get Back at Cheating Boyfriend
Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 09:40am
After her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman, this girl switched job from an office clerk to be a full time hooker.
Stolen Phone tracked down and Recovered with some Bonus Pics in it
Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 01:47am
phone thiefso, this phone belongs to a Redditor, and it was stolen but then recovered back by the police probably with the phone tracker app to find a missing phone, with some bonus pictures of the thief in it.
Rest In Peace to Those Who Lost Their Lives at Colorado Shooting
Friday, 07.20.2012, 03:31pm
RIP colorado shooting victimsIn loving memory of those who did not make it at the Aurora, Colorado shooting during 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere.
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