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This Woman Might Have Found the Fountain Of Youth

Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 09:59pm (GMT-5)

fountain of youthCan you believe this woman is 41 years old? she looks even younger than most women in their 20s here, wanna her secret to keep looking young?

<-- Seriously, this woman is 41? yep, she is. She also has two children already, and yet she is in great shape that most women and teenage girls are in awe of her.

Her name is Zhang Tingxuan, from Taiwan. She became very famous in China after they found out she is 41 from her fitness program.

She is dubbed as 'Gym Goddess' in China, and as her nickname, what she does look young and in shape, heck, I would go for her anytime instead of some cute teenagers.

She said her secret of looking young and in shape is consistent gym programme and consume fruits everyday.

Look at the pictures below and tell me you have seen many women in their 40s are as hot as her (I'd say only Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston can be compared to her)

gym goddess

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