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Cleavage Cover Keeps People From Peeking at Your Cleavage

Monday, 09.03.2012, 05:44pm (GMT-5)

nice cleavage

cleavage coverTired of people peeking at your cleavage especially when you bend over? now you can cover your cleavage with this cleavage cover, made in Japan.

Some women are frustrated when they are talking to their men, the men keep peeking at their cleavage instead of staring at their eyes.

Probably tired of this behavior, this Japanese company created a cleavage cover to keep men's focus on the women's eyes and listen to them instead of ,'yeah... yeah... I understand' but eyes on boobs.

I think it's a good alternative for women who want to wear certain clothing but don't want to expose their cleavage, but some women who are proud of their tits certainly don't need this, especially when they can use their cleavage to get male attention.

Am I right? be proud of what God has given you, baby...
cleavage cover


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