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First Pictures of The Avengers Published
Wednesday, 10.12.2011, 02:03pm

I can't wait till The Avengers come out next summer, but I'll make do with the posters recently released by Marvel. They are awesome


Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed - Looks Like Candy
Sunday, 07.15.2012, 10:19am
iron man 3 armorIron Man 3 armor has been revealed, instead of dominated by red color, this time it's dominated by khaki color with side of red. Looks cool or... ?
Buying Pirated DVD from China Always Confuse You
Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 12:49pm
game of thrones season 2need Game of Thrones season 2? don't buy the pirated DVDs from China, you never know what you are gonna get, is it Thor? Lord of the Rings or Thrones?
Real Life Merida of BRAVE - The resemblance is uncanny
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 03:55pm
a fan of Brave of Pixar? do you like Merida and wish there was a real life of her? look no more, below is the real life princess Merida, the redhead princess of Pixar's new animation.
The Original and Never Used Spiderman Trailer
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 12:38pm
This original, truly amazing and well written trailer for Spiderman was never used and aired because of the controversies. It's still awesome nonetheless, you need to watch it to see how cool it is.
Tobey Maguire's funny reaction to The Amazing Spiderman - Spiderman Reboot
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 01:53am
amazing spidermanThe Amazing Spiderman has generated lots of buzz and got favorable review, but anybody wonders how Tobey Maguire feels about it?
Ghetto Style Beauty And The Beast
Wednesday, 06.27.2012, 11:45pm
If you are a Disney fan, then you surely are familiar with Beauty and the Beast, well this is the ghetto style, where the citizens all blacks and the beauty is a white girl, LOL
Lessons you learned from 'Twillight' Series vs 'Buffy' Saga
Tuesday, 06.26.2012, 07:38pm
both Twillight series and 'Buffy' the vampire slayer have avid followers, but what do you learned from watching these two franchises?
What If The Avengers Team Being Feminine?
Tuesday, 05.08.2012, 12:45pm
avengersThe Avengers are all about macho, heroic and powerful. Ever imagined if they posed all feminine and women like? no need to imagine it, you can see it here below
The Avengers in their high school days
Tuesday, 05.08.2012, 12:32pm
avengers high schoolEver wonder how the Avengers looked like when they were in high school? well, here you go.
Things You Learn From Watching Movies
Thursday, 05.03.2012, 04:24pm
movie factsMovies are not for entertainment only, there are actually things and facts that you can learn from watching movies.
Japanese Style Harry Potter
Monday, 12.26.2011, 01:53am
harry potterHarry Potter's fame is global, there is no denying it, and many pirated movies everywhere on internet. But Japan, famed for its anime, trying to re-define Harry Potter in Anime style.
Trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? Is Out Now
Wednesday, 12.21.2011, 08:30pm
the hobbitWho can wait for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? I can't, well for the time being, I'll have to make due with this awesome trailer.
The Most Pirated and Downloaded Movies Of All Time... Ilegally
Thursday, 10.13.2011, 05:24pm

is the most downloaded movie of all timeMost of us love movies, but not most of us go to theaters or rent or buy dvds to enjoy them. Some of us watch the movies legally and ILLEGALLY.

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