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The Most Beautiful Avatar Cosplay Girls

Thursday, 05.05.2011, 08:31pm (GMT-5)

Ever since James Cameron created the mega hit Avatar, a lot of people have been dreaming of living in Pandora, and they get out of the movie theaters disappointed, of living in our world again. Some people are so depressed, they were thinking of killing themselves in the hope of being reborn in the moon of Pandora.

Some people are creative enough not to let that kind of thoughts damage them, instead they dress up and some of them are even trying to live like Navi people in forests, which is not the worst idea.

Below are the people whom I think did pretty good job in dressing up like the Navy people of Pandora, some of them are actually hotter than the characters in the movie.

and... last but not least

LOL, what do you think? some of them are actually pretty good right?
We are discounting the ones from Hustler here all right, that's porn, but these above are purely cosplay players.

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