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The Most Pirated and Downloaded Movies Of All Time... Ilegally

Thursday, 10.13.2011, 05:24pm (GMT-5)

Avatar is the most downloaded movie of all timeMost of us love movies, but not most of us go to theaters or rent or buy dvds to enjoy them. Some of us watch the movies legally and ILLEGALLY.

On the legal side, sometimes we watch those movies on hulu or netflix. Netflix recently published a list of the ten most rented movies of all time, and that certainly got us thinking; what are the most downloaded movies?

On the illegal side, some of us watch the movies via live stream from sites like megavideo, or download them illegally from torrent sites, but we wonder, what are the most downloaded movies of all time? well, Avatar heads that list.

Every day millions of people use BitTorrent to download and share movies. But what are all these people downloading?

For nearly half a decade we have compiled weekly and yearly lists of the most popular downloads, and following on from Netflix’s publication of the most rented movies of all time, we today present the equivalent for BitTorrent downloads.

With an estimated 21 million downloads, Avatar is the most pirated movie of all time, followed by The Dark Knight and Transformers with about 19 million downloads each. Interestingly enough, none of the above films were present in Netflix’s list.

The Dark Knight is one of the most pirated movies of all time

The BitTorrent and Netflix lists do show some overlap, as Inception and The Departed make an appearance in both.

Despite the massive piracy, the films below have not done too shabbily at the box-office. Avatar is the best grossing movie of all time and The Dark Knight is third, right before Star Trek.

Below is the list based on statistics gathered from public BitTorrent trackers, dating back to as early as 2006.


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