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Real Life Merida of BRAVE - The resemblance is uncanny

Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 03:55pm (GMT-5)

a fan of Brave of Pixar? do you like Merida and wish there was a real life of her? look no more, below is the real life princess Merida, the redhead princess of Pixar's new animation.

The resemblance is uncanny right? if Pixar ever decided to make a real life movie of Merida, this girl should totally play her.

This is beyond a regular cosplay level, this is Disney's Pixar's level.


First they gave life to a little lonely robot, now this. Bravo Pixar.

In case you have no idea who princess Merida is, she is a Scottish princess with a brave and strong heart who set out on a journey to free her mother from a curse that turned her into a bear, the arch enemy of her tribe.

If all this time, Disney's princess movies were filled with a prince that comes to save them, this one is different, Pixar broke that pattern and still made a gorgeous, touching and an incredibly heart-touching movie about a family's relationship towards each other.

If you haven't seen it, yet, don't waste your time further on internet, go out and see it at the movie theater now, it's worth your ticket price.

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