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Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed - Looks Like Candy

Sunday, 07.15.2012, 10:19am (GMT-5)

iron man 3 armoriron man 3 armor
Iron Man 3 armor has been revealed, instead of dominated by red color, this time it's dominated by khaki color with side of red. Looks cool or... ?

To be honest, me myself is not very fond of this new design, and it looks like it's getting away from the any of the designs below, which all of them are pretty cool.

iron man armors

What do you think? do you like this one better or the original one better?

Iron Man 3 Armor gallery below

iron man 3 armor khaki
iron man 3 armor cream
iron man 3 armor gold
iron man 3 armor gold red
iron man 3 armor khaki red
iron man 3 armor cream red

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