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The Last Airbender Miscast
Sunday, 07.04.2010, 01:19am
I was expecting this movie, but once I saw it, I was kind of dissapointed of the miscasts. To make things worst, this movie is one of the worst directed movies I've ever seen.
Video Hot Rin Sakuragi di Suster Keramas
Tuesday, 01.12.2010, 12:42pm
Rin Sakuragi, bintang bokep asal Jepang ini akan main dalam film horor berjudul Suster Keramas yang akan diproduksi Maxima Pictures.
The Character Making of Avatar
Friday, 01.08.2010, 01:38pm
The 3D Models of Avatar Characters, awesome, aren't they?
Proof that Avatar is actually Pocahontas in 3D
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:36pm
Don't believe Avatar is actually Pocahontas remake in 3D? Click here and see it for yourself
Avatar Kalahkan Detektif Sherlock Holmes di Box Office
Sunday, 12.27.2009, 11:51pm
Film 3D Avatar menempati urutan pertama film terlaris box office di seluruh dunia pada pekan kedua. Sherlock Holmes serta Alvin and the Chipmunks menyusul di peringkat berikutnya.
Roland emmerich (almost) explains What happens in 2012
Monday, 12.21.2009, 12:28am
blockbuster director Roland Emmerich revealed that his next big movie would be one titled 2012
is James Cameron's Avatar "the future os movies"?
Friday, 12.18.2009, 12:13am
James Camerson's Titanic wasthe biggest hit in history-but Avatar and its 3-D technology could be "the future of the movie".No presure,then,says William Langley