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The horrifying state of the pop superstar Michael Jackson in his final day

Tuesday, 12.15.2009, 01:11am (GMT-5)

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson’s official autopsy report indicated that the surgical anesthetic propofol (drug)in combination with three other sedatives probably stopped the pop star’s breathing and killed him, said an anesthesiologist who reviewed the document.

In a phone interview on Thursday, the doctor, Zeev Kain, the chairman of the anesthesiology department at the University of California, Irvine, said he reviewed the autopsy report, which has not been publicly released, on behalf of The Associated Press. Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said that they had not released the report and did not know where the leaked information came from.

Dr. Kain said that Mr. Jackson’s arms were covered in multiple needle marks.

“There was evidence of repeated injections,” he said. Mr. Jackson’s knees also had several puncture marks, signs that he had knee surgery and received shots to reduce joint inflammation, Dr. Kain said.

Mr. Jackson also had reduced lung capacity due to chronic inflammation, Dr. Kain said.

“It’s an unusual finding,” Dr. Kain said. “It looked like from the pathology report that he had this condition for years, but it’s very hard to know what the reason was.”

Mr. Jackson weighed 136 pounds, stood 5-foot-9 and was free of major illnesses or serious organ damage. He suffered from arthritis of the spine and fingers, lacked pigmentation on his chest, and was balding, but otherwise was in relatively good health, Dr. Kain said.

Dr. Kain also said the autopsy report indicated the extent to which Mr. Jackson had gone to stave off old age; there were cosmetic surgery scars behind his ears and nostrils, as well scars on his neck, wrists, arms and stomach. He said Mr. Jackson also had several tattoos: on his scalp to hide his receding hairline, his eyebrows, and a pink tattoo around his lips.

Mr. Jackson died on June 25 after his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, administered propofol and other drugs to help the pop singer’s insomnia. After putting Mr. Jackson under, Dr. Murray went to the bathroom, according to his statements to investigators. By the time Dr. Murray returned, Mr. Jackson had stopped breathing and was never revived. His death was ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the California Attorney General’s Office are investigating Dr. Murray and other doctors who allegedly provided Mr. Jackson with illegal prescriptions for various drugs.

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