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Man Shows Small Penis In Court To Clear His Name
Thursday, 02.16.2012, 07:03pm

penisA man accused of rape showed courtroom officials his tiny penis in order to clear his name


Real Black Hulk Found in Africa
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 12:58pm
can you believe Black Hulk actually exist? he is in Africa, and here is his full picture.
Sea Dragons That Look Like Pokemons Found Floating In The Sea
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 12:53pm
amazing sea slugs that's called sea blue dragons found floating in the sea, they actually look like those from Pokemon series
Man in China Caught a Life Dragon and Cut It Open
Tuesday, 09.11.2012, 03:27pm
 dragona man in China caught on camera holding a live baby dragon and cut it open while his dog watching him butchering the legendary mythical creature.
How Reporters Should Report News During Bad Weather
Sunday, 08.12.2012, 12:56pm
Some reporters have fears that they could get flown away by hurricane or typhoon which is normal. This reporter has found a solution to it, and I think it should become a standard.
Spider Stuck in a Woman's Ear Canal
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 09:07pm
A spider was found in a woman's ear canal as she complained to a doctor that she felt something wrong with her left ear.
Indonesian Zoo Trying to Make an Orangutan to quit Smoking
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 08:00pm
tori, a smoking orangutanTori, a 15 year old Orangutan has been smoking so much lately, an Indonesian zoo is trying to make her quit smoking by relocating her to another cage where visitors can't throw her cigarettes.
Problem with Speeding Drivers? Tie Up a Sex Doll, Problem Solved
Saturday, 08.04.2012, 11:40am
Having problems with speeding drivers in your neighborhood that police can't handle anymore? tie-up a hot sex doll on a tree, it will surely slow down the speeders.
Fisherman Found a Crab with Osama Bin Laden's Face
Tuesday, 07.24.2012, 01:46pm
looks like osama bin ladenA fisherman found a freakish crab that looks like the former most wanted terrorist that gunned down in Paskistan, reincarnation?
Evil's Face Shows Up on Rags Used to Clean Talisman Tattoo
Friday, 07.13.2012, 06:11pm
evil found on talisman tattooAfter getting a Chinese scripture tattoo, a tattooist cleaned up the mess and the ink and found this evil's face on the rags he used to clean it up.
Octopus with Human Head Caught in Indonesia
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 11:06am
octopus human facea weird octopus with human head and female face caught by a fisherman in Padang, Indonesia.
Lightning Struck and Killed 53 Pigs Simultaneously
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 10:18am
lightning killed pigsLightning struck a pig pen in China and killed its 53 pigs simultaneously and shocked the pig farmer, Shen.
The Legendary Golden Horse appear - is it even real?
Sunday, 07.08.2012, 10:10am
golden horseThe legendary Golden Horse - has to be rarest in the world, just like unicorns, if they they were real, has appeared in Russia, is it a paint job or real?
Do Easter Island Statues Really Have Bodies?
Monday, 07.02.2012, 09:43pm
these Easter Island statues are looking at a direction and have been a source of curiosity for some time, but instead of just heads, do they really have bodies?
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