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Six Legged Giant Dragon Fossil Found

Tuesday, 09.14.2010, 05:41pm (GMT-5)

On the first day of Muslim New Year 1431 H, Toboali Community shocked by the discovery of the giant skeletons / fossil which described as "six-legged giant dragon." It seemed to reach hundreds of meters in length. Out of curiosity, we came directly to the local discovery site.  Well, to all who have / have not heard about this news, we share the news in the form of photos of and quick info about the "Mystery Dragon".

1. Location :  Limus Bone Village, north of Toboali transmigration through the area, the distance is ± 15 km. Kept in the house of a local fisherman as the founder of the "Dragon". According to him, the fossil was found on the fifth day of fasting month of 1431 H ± 3m in the water of the Nyire river. When discovered, it looked like something that sticking out above the water surface. Once approached and poked with the paddle, it turns out that it was a fossil with curved position like a crescent moon. The fossil was taken with the transport boat. It took15 grown-up men to lift up the head.

2. According to the founder, at the time of the first visible form of trawl and something that stands out, it was the furs and horns on the fossil's head. those furs looked like feathers on the head of a horse. The item was not in photos because according to the inventor, after the object that previously had been inspected by the mayor Mr.Basel and will not be shown again in public.

3. For those who are curious and haven't seen the fossil, we can we give an illustration, the circle of the body around the range of ± 2 m with a body length of ± 15 meters. Viewed from top, the fossil's head looks like a whale. Only the tail bone still has some meat attached, on the other bones, they are all clean and white, dull.

So quick info about the Issues "six-legged dragon" of the South Pacific.
This photo appearance:

source: kaskus

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