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Shocking, the process of how restaurants make boiled cat soup

Wednesday, 10.13.2010, 12:13am (GMT-5)

[Warning: Pictures are gory.]

Cat restaurants hidden on the outskirts of town, “boiled alive cat soup” attract people’s attention

Cat meat 10 yuan/500g, cat brain 30 yuan/500g, cat intestines 50 yuan/500g

What is “boiled alive cat”?

Cook: “[The cat] cannot be completely beaten to death, [because] it also needs to be boiled a little, this is what ‘live cooked cat’ is.”

Why do so many people like eating cat?

Cat eater: Eating cat meat can cure asthma, is a health supplement [something eaten for health benefits].

A stray cat wholesale market has over a thousand cats packed into metal cages.

The majority of the cat trade is sold to Guangdong, because in Lingnan cuisine, Guangdong people [Cantonese] especially like to eat cat; It first became popular in the Chaozhou-Shantou region. Cat meat has been traditionally believed to be effective for helping a person’s yin and yang balance, whereas recorded in Guangdong Yue cuisine recipies is a dish called “Long hu dou” [literally, "dragon fighting tiger". The reason why cat meat is held in esteem lies in the naive belief of its eaters that it has a "health supplementing/boosting" effect.

Heartbreaking innocent expressions, awaiting the fate of being eaten.

Below is the process of cooking cats. Cat lovers, please prepare yourselves.

A "cat restaurant" cook holds up a white cat from the fur-removal machine.

To show what a good deal it is, a house cat with its fur removed is hung on a hook publicly to be weighed.

Still breathing house cat put in boiling water and cooked alive.

Cook removes the internal organs of the "white cat".

Do you see it? The cat's paw is still in here.

Netizens urge each other to forward these photos and reports of cats being eaten in Guangzhou, China.

"Express" reporter also discovered in an interview: To guarantee the freshness of the cat meat, most cat meat restaurants have adopted "live cooked cat", "beating", and similar methods of slaughtering live cats. "The more suffering, the better the taste. Doing it like this is to ensure that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, and that the flavor of the cat meat prepared tastes great."

Those who have scrolled this far to read these words, please forward/repost this on, and pray for these shameless diners, because you [they, the diners] will suffer retribution in the future!!!



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