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What A Million Dollar Funeral Looks Like

Monday, 03.07.2011, 12:45pm (GMT-5)

The trend of luxury funerals is on the rise and the super rich are spending heavily to make their own and their near and dear ones’ funerals very special. Recently, a Chinese businessman spent about $1 million to organize a lavish funeral for his mother, in Wenling, east China’s Zhejiang province on March 4, 2011. The one-of-a-kind funeral procession saw a fleet of eight stretched Lincoln limousines and other luxury cars for transporting family members. There were more than 600 musicians were in the marching band. A row of 16 gold-painted cannons fired the final salute.

The businessman had managed to get 600 monks to carry out the funeral rites, with many of them brought from neighboring provinces. Around 1000 mourners attended the five-million Yuan (S$976,283) funeral, and there were around 10,000 curious onlookers. It is being said that the wealthy businessman and his five siblings wanted to give their late mother a luxurious tribute for single-handedly raising them. The coffin alone cost $500,700.

In order to seek comfort and style, even after death, the well-heeled are going for the designer coffins and the million-dollar burial events.

If you had the money, would you spend it on your parent's funeral?


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