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Glow In The Dark Pork, Would You Eat?

Sunday, 04.10.2011, 12:27am (GMT-5)

A Shanghai lady, Miss Chen purchased a kilogram of pork from a meat market. That night her family used a portion of that pork to make dumplings and enjoyed it together. After finished their meal, she placed the leftover pork on the dining table in the kitchen. Around 11pm, Miss Chen got up to go to the toilet, and she noticed a blue glow coming from the kitchen, and that the bright blue glow was coming from the pork !

Trying to be sure she wasn’t seeing weird things, She woke up the rest of her family members to look at this piece of strange meat together. The pork glowed in the dark but returned to “normal” in the morning. Both amazed and scared, her family would not eat any of the piece of this pork again.

A reporter rushed to Miss Chen’s home based on her request and saw this piece of glowing pork. This reporter noticed that the remaining of the pork was in the shape of a strip, with more lean meat than fat, and though it had already been purchased for over a day, there was no peculiar smell.

The phenomenon may be caused by certain bacteria

Based on the opinions of two food experts on the phone with the reporter, they have never seen pork emitting light, that it may have been caused by bacteria, that the pork meat needs to be tested, and further observation, research, and analysis is required before anything can be confirmed.

Food experts say it is safe to eat

Shanghai Health Supervision Department food experts say the pork that has been contaminated by phosphorescent bacteria is still safe to consume after being cooked and heated.

What do you guys think? would you eat those?


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