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Cool Symbol Codes Used By Chinese Thieves To Communicate To Each Other

Sunday, 12.18.2011, 12:27am (GMT-5)

We see this all the time in movies, but recently, Chinese police force just cracked and publish the codes used by Chinese thieves to communicate to each other.

Chinese police force also reminded Chengdu city residents to be on the lookout for these secret symbols made by thieves and to immediately report them to the police.

Check out the symbols below and see if you can crack them or not:
secret codes

    Plan operation
    4-5 units that can be thieved
    Very wealthy
    Dangerous, avoid
    Beware of dog
    Lots of police
    Be careful of neighbors
    Has alarm
    Danger of being accidentally caught

    No one on guard
    No one lives here
    Single female resident
    1 child, 2 females, 1 male
    Household has someone who works in a government department
    Nothing valuable worth stealing
    Not necessary to enter
    Already thieved

Pretty cool, huh?


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