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Haunted Toilet Attack Students

Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 01:44am (GMT-5)

A boarding school toilet is reportedly said to be haunted, and possessing some of the students using it.

A large number of pupils at the Son Hoa Ethnic Boarding High School in Son Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam, are being haunted by a ghostly toilet. Headmaster Phan Van Tho confirmed that many students fall unconscious or suffer strange screaming fits during the evenings after using the spooky potty.

The curse of the haunted loo began last month when it’s first victim, K Pa Ho Luon, began speaking in tongues after using the bog. The young chap was on his way back to the dormitory after relieving himself on the phantom piss-stone when he flung himself on the floor, chattering gibberish and clawing at the walls before passing out.

Luon was taken to the Son Hoa General Hospital but doctors were unable to diagnose what had caused the boy to faint. Once he had made a full recovery Luon reported that he had met a ghost whilst using the toilet.

Since that first attack dozens more children have also suffered from fainting or night terrors. On one occasion 12 students all fainted at the same time.

Doctors have suggested the fainting may be the result of low calcium levels. The school authorities deny any paranormal causes.

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