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Man Shows Small Penis In Court To Clear His Name

Thursday, 02.16.2012, 07:03pm (GMT-5)

small penisA man accused of rape showed courtroom officials his tiny penis in order to clear his name.

34-year-old Joel Ndebele from Dingumuzi Township in Zimbabwe is charged with the double rape of his ex-girlfriend. Ndebele spent time in prison after being convicted of a previous crime in December 2010. He was released in August last year, which is when the alleged sex attacks took place. Ndebele’s ex-lover claims he turned up at her home following his release, but she informed Ndebele that she had started a new relationship and didn’t want to see him again.

Ndebele allegedly became angry and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new man if she didn’t return with him to his home. She was held prisoner overnight and says Ndebele raped her two times. When she was released the next day she returned home and didn’t report the crimes to the police or her new boyfriend. However a few weeks later the woman was followed in the street by Ndebele, she found a policeman and Ndebele was arrested and charged with the two rapes.

Appearing in a Bulawayo court on Friday Ndebele insisted that he couldn’t have carried out the alleged rapes because his penis was shrinking and had shrunk to such an extent that he was unable to use it for penetrative vaginal intercourse. To confirm the shortness of the genital rod the courtroom was cleared while security personnel inspected the contents of Ndebele’s undercrackers.

After a short deliberation the guards confirmed that Ndebele was suitably lacking in the trouser department.

“It’s small” they said.

Ndebele remains in custody until a medical penis expert examines him more thoroughly.

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