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African-American Family Locked In A Restaurant After Refusing To Tip

Friday, 05.04.2012, 11:53am (GMT-5)

family refuse to tip
OK,  I know many servers out there are like, FINALLY! But come on man, you go out, you tip. Don't feel like tipping? get a take-out food and eat at home, right?

Here is the report below;

Jasmine Marks and her fellow diners were locked inside La Fisherman restaurant in Houston after refusing to pay for shoddy service

Out for dinner with friends and family, Jasmine Marks claimed that the service at La Fisherman was not of the quality that deserved the mandatory 17 percent gratuity in the bill.

That is the amount the restaurant adds to parties of more than five diners, but Mark's complaint was that the staff were rude, their drinks were not refilled and mistakes were made on their orders.

They then asked to speak to the manager, which they did

'We asked her, could the gratuity be removed? Could we give our own tip? If you're not satisfied with the service, you shouldn't have to pay gratuity.'

Shouldn't have to pay gratuity? COME ON! You are eating AT a restaurant, know your manners! Go eat at KFC or McDonald if you don't feel like tipping.

Explaining that restaurant policy was inflexible, the manager locked the door and phoned local law enforcement.

The restaurant manager called police after Jasmine Marks and her party queried why they had to pay the full 17 percent gratuity after they said they received terrible service

'She was like, 'You have an unsettled bill and ya'll can't leave until you pay it,' said Marks.

'We paid our bill for what we ate, we paid the bill.'

Only questioning why the 17 percent was mandatory when it was a tip for service, Mark's tried to reason with the manager of La Fisherman.

'She said, 'That's fine. If you don't want to pay the gratuity we have the police outside,' said Marks.

Jasmine Marks and her family and friends eventually paid the 17 percent tip to avoid further difficulties with the restaurant and the police

'I asked the police officer twice, maybe three times, is it against the law if we don't pay the gratuity and he never gave me a straight answer.'

Speaking to Houston's local KPRC Local 2, the on-duty manager at the restaurant said that they don't have a problem with customers not giving a tip, but they have called the police before.

The issue alerted Houston's Better Business Bureau who have announced that they are examining the complaint.

The on-duty manager said that if the restaurant goers did not want to pay the tip then they could settle the matter with the police

'Consumers need to understand the policy going in,' said Dan Parson, President of the BBB.

'I mean every sign walking in the door. What credit cards do you accept, not accept? What are your hours? Seventeen percent gratuity for the six of you? If you don't like it, leave.'

'They call it the hospitality business, I know you love food, but you got to love the people who eat the food.'

When you go to a full dine-in restaurant, you NEED to tip, if you are not satisfied with the service, tip 10%-15%, if you are happy with the service, tip 18%-20%, that's the common sense.

If you don't like the food, you don't punish your server for it, the servers only bring you the food you ordered, they don't make the food.


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