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Poor Girl Has Skin Like A Dog's Black Fur

Tuesday, 06.12.2012, 03:39pm (GMT-5)

This poor girl has a skin like that of a Black Labrador's (dog) fur, looks like a half mutated mutant.

This mutation phenomenon keeps on increasing, so far, we already know the Tree Men, Cat's Eye Boy, Werewolf Boy, and Magneto Boy, this girl shows the symptom of developing skin with fur like a short-haired dog.

Half of Lili's face, chest,arm and back are already covered with black fur, and some parts of her body already showing big black spots that look like they will spread and grow some black fur on top as well.

Her mother left her and her father when she was 2 years old, and her father ditched her at the nursery as well only for her distant relative to take her back to her village.

During her half year stay at the nursery, Lili scared the hell out of other children until the officer at the place put out an advertisement in the newspaper looking for her family to bring her back home because they couldn't reach her parents.

Although she is very healthy and loves to laugh, she is going through hell socializing as other children refuse to play with her and call her little monkey instead.

So far, probably she doesn't have medical explanation to explain why she has this 'disease' but let's hope her mother did not do any bestiality and cheated her dad with her dog and resulted in her.

mutant girl

mutant girl mutant girl mutant girl mutant girl mutant girl

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