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Boy Born With Cats Eyes Powers

Tuesday, 06.12.2012, 04:02pm (GMT-5)

A boy with powers to see in the dark like cats has been found in China. He can see clear in the dark, catch crickets in the night without flashlight and finish his homeworks without any lights.

Mutations seem to be accelerating among people of the world now, there are other mutation symptons that are happening to others, such as
Tree Men, Monkey Girl, Werewolf Boy, and Magneto Boy, but this boy's seems to be the coolest.

At first, Nong You-hui's teacher was notified that he has blurry vision during the day and his vision is on its best during the night, and Nong told the teacher that he can catch crickets in the night without any flashlights at all.

Reporters from the city then visited his village and did some tests on him.

They asked him to 'guess' cards in the dark, and he could tell the cards.

They then gave him a math essay for him to do without lights in the dark room, and he filled them up perfectly.

Awesome huh? he could make a good spy when he's grown up. The video of the boy with cat eyes is below.


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