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Lightning Struck and Killed 53 Pigs Simultaneously

Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 10:18am (GMT-5)

lightning killed pigslightning killed 53 pigs in China
Lightning struck a pig pen in China and killed its 53 pigs simultaneously and shocked the pig farmer, Shen.

When the reporters came, she was still in the state of shock of how she has avoided the same fate as her pigs.

The lightning struck the pig pen's roofs and opened them up to 20 meters and electrocuted those pigs to death.

Shen heard the screaming when she was feeding younger pigs only a few meters away.

She lost about $20,000 for the death pigs and damages done by the lightning.

It is unclear if this was a freak of nature happened or a made up story to claim insurance although she said that she has no insurance on the pigs.

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