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Evil's Face Shows Up on Rags Used to Clean Talisman Tattoo

Friday, 07.13.2012, 06:11pm (GMT-5)

evil found on talisman tattooEvil caught on talisman
After getting a Chinese scripture tattoo, a tattooist cleaned up the mess and the ink and found this evil's face on the rags he used to clean it up.

This story happened to one of a redditor's friends, he wanted some cool Chinese scriptures as his tattoo and picked one of those ancient 'Lao Tzu' scriptures, and the tattooist picked this 'cool and complicated looking' Chinese characters as his masterpiece.

Little did he know he was putting a tattoo of an ancient Chinese talisman to get rid of evil on him instead.

After he wiped his tattoo using a rag, this picture of evil shows up on the rag.

They both were surprised and took a picture and posted it on Reddit.

I guess the talisman did work on catching the evil in that tattooee's body, hope he is all good now (hey, I'm not judging ok?)

Below is what the original talisman looks like
chinese talisman to get rid of evilChinese talisman on door

Chinese people believe by putting these kind of talisman would prevent evil spirit from entering their houses and bring bad luck to their family.

Some of them are being used to get rid of evil spirits or ghosts from their house or a possessed person.

Scary dude. Any of you believe these things are real?

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