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Fisherman Found a Crab with Osama Bin Laden's Face

Tuesday, 07.24.2012, 01:46pm (GMT-5)

crab looks like osama bin ladencrab looks like osama bin laden
A fisherman found a freakish crab that looks like Osama bin Laden, the former most wanted terrorist that gunned down in Paskistan, reincarnation?

I wouldn't go that far claiming this crab is the reincarnation of the former head of Al Qaeda, but the resemblance surely is uncanny.

It's not like I don't believe in reincarnations, I do actually, as this war hero reincarnated into a boy and still remembers what happened in his previous life.

The said crab was thrown back into the sea after getting its photo taken because it was a female, and female crabs are not allowed to be captured and consumed because they are the ones laying eggs and breed.

What do you think? doesn't it look like Osama bin Laden? or you think it's a photoshop job?

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