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Indonesian Zoo Trying to Make an Orangutan to quit Smoking

Thursday, 08.09.2012, 08:00pm (GMT-5)

tori, a smoking orangutantori, orang utan smoking
Tori, a 15 year old Orangutan has been smoking so much lately, an Indonesian zoo is trying to make her quit smoking by relocating her to another cage where visitors can't throw her cigarettes.

Orangutans are known to be very docile and calm and like to imitate human behavior and Tori caught international attention because of her habits of smoking cigarettes just like humans do.

But her habit didn't do her any good as her health is deteriorating rapidly the zoo officials are getting worried and trying to put a halt into her bad habit.

Since animal psychologist failed in their attempts to change her habits from smoking to consuming more healthy snacks, they are now relocating her to a different cage that put a bigger distance between her and the zoo visitors.

Poor Tori, hope you get well soon, and stop that smoking habit, it's bad for you.

Watch the video of Tori, the smoking Orangutan below.


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