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Spider Stuck in a Woman's Ear Canal

Thursday, 08.09.2012, 09:07pm (GMT-5)

spider stuck in ear
A spider was found in a woman's ear canal as she complained to a doctor that she felt something wrong with her left ear.

Ms. Lee felt her left ear itching and had a feeling that a strange object got into her ear canal, at first he thought it could be ear wax that got in.

After feeling it for 8 days, Ms. Lee then decided to go to the
Central Hospital of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Treatment.

The doctor was so shocked to find that a spider was residing in her left ear and the little guy got comfortable residing in her ear canal.

Liu Sheng, MD, the doctor who was handling her case had a bit of hard time calming down a freaked out Ms. Lee.

Since forcing it out might harm hear ear canal and ear drum, the doctors there discussed how to get it out the safest way, and they used saline water to annoy the spider and force it to come out by itself.

It was later revealed that during her new home renovation, she fell asleep in that home while everything was still a mess and she started feeling itchy the next morning, but she let it go due to her busy schedule.

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