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Chinese Virgin Looking For Husband, High Qualifications
Tuesday, 03.27.2012, 11:06pm
Tu Shiyou publicly advertised for a life partner, preferring Party members, public servants and virgins, without any sex before marriage, and no sex life during the first 3 years of probation after marriage.
Blonde Breaks World Record For Wearing Many Panties
Tuesday, 02.21.2012, 12:45am
panties recordA Blonde model from Seatlle, WA set a new world record for... wearing too many panties at the same time.
Man Shows Small Penis In Court To Clear His Name
Thursday, 02.16.2012, 07:03pm
penisA man accused of rape showed courtroom officials his tiny penis in order to clear his name
Japanese Ghost Caught On Camera For Real... No Hoax
Thursday, 01.19.2012, 12:28am
ghost caught on cameraThis video has been circulating in Japan, and became hit, it's a story of a bunch of guys who recorded a ghost in a restaurant without knowing that was a ghost, and turns out, the ghost followed them over to the subway station, and....
Hamster Powered Submarine
Sunday, 01.08.2012, 12:12pm
submarineTwo students majoring in Ocean Engineering came up with a submarine powered by.... hamsters.
Woman Trapped In A 12 Year Old Body
Sunday, 01.08.2012, 11:55am
queenWhat Kate Queen wanted is a regular adult life, meet guys, have fun, and do stuffs women her age do, but she can't, because she is trapped in a 12 year old girl's body.
Weird Human Mutations
Thursday, 12.29.2011, 09:31pm
mutationsWhenever you watch X-Men, you would wonder, is mutation real? is it going to happen in the future? has it happened to anybody now? well... your answers are here.
Haunted Toilet Attack Students
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 01:44am
A boarding school toilet is reportedly said to be haunted, and possessing some of the students using it.
Cool Symbol Codes Used By Chinese Thieves To Communicate To Each Other
Sunday, 12.18.2011, 12:27am
We see this all the time in movies, but recently, Chinese police force just cracked and publish the codes used by Chinese thieves to communicate to each other.
UFO Spotted Hovering Above 25,000 people in Russia
Wednesday, 12.14.2011, 12:28am
Many people, as many as 25,000 Russians protesting in Moscow's square saw an UFO hovering right above the crowd.
Man Went Trough Plastic Surgery To Look Like Superman
Saturday, 10.22.2011, 01:40am
You think you are the man of steel's biggest fan? nothing compared to this man's passion towards Superman, he actually changed his looks to match Superman's, literally
Bad Engrish
Saturday, 10.08.2011, 12:34pm
bad engrishSome people wanna show off their english skills, but probably they shouldn't have.
A Four-Legged Duck Found In Poland
Thursday, 10.06.2011, 01:13pm

legged duckA Polish farmer, in Poland, has saved a four-legged duck from the dinner table. Although you’d think it could have saved itself if it had tried running away.

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