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A Boy Wear Skirts To School
Wednesday, 05.11.2011, 01:52am
This schoolboy got pissed because his school prohibits him from wearing shorts during the summer, so he is protesting his school by wearing skirts to school.
Caribbean Underwater Sculpture Museum
Thursday, 05.05.2011, 05:33pm
This is no ordinary museum, it's located underwater in Caribbean, Mexico. A British artist Jason Taylor created 400 human figures sculptures located underwater in the Mexican Caribbean that require diving equipments to visit and enjoy the beauty of its arts in warm crystalline waters surrounded by beautiful tropical fish.
Weird Wedding Rituals
Monday, 05.02.2011, 12:37pm
Weddings are supposed to be the happiest event in a person's life right? well, among some wedding traditions around the globe, their wedding rituals can be as weird and unhappy as as you can ever imagined. Don't believe me? check out the weirdest wedding rituals below.
Massage Snakes - Better Than Massage Girls?
Saturday, 04.30.2011, 02:39pm
Move over, hot massage girls, there is a new competitor in town. Now some spas are using new technique to give their customers nice and soft massages.... using snakes.
Dead Alien Body Found In Russia
Monday, 04.18.2011, 11:29pm
Is the creature probably seen in this video a survivor of an UFO crash who managed to leave the area only to die as a result of Russia's harsh winter conditions? Do you believe it's an alien?
Life Animal Keychains - Cute or Cruel?
Wednesday, 04.13.2011, 11:58pm
Everybody loves cute keychains, everybody love cute little animals, but what about life animal keychains? would everybody loves it? Personally I find it very cruel. Hit the link the see all the pictures.
Glow In The Dark Pork, Would You Eat?
Sunday, 04.10.2011, 12:27am
This lady bough a glow in the dark pork meat, but she didn't know so until she found out when she was on her way to bathroom in the middle of the night. It's beautiful all right, but would you eat it?
Sheep gives Birth To Dog
Friday, 04.08.2011, 01:57pm
Vets say it’s impossible - but to Chinese farmer Liu Naiying his birth is a miracle.
For Mr Liu insists one of his sheep has given birth to a dog.
The 'puppy' has wool like a lamb but its mouth, nose, eyes, paws and tail look more like a dog's.
Man Has Tattoos of Julia Roberts All Over His Body
Sunday, 03.13.2011, 05:30pm
Think you are the biggest fan of a movie star or an actress? Well, think again after you look at these photos
Alien Microbe Claim Starts Fight Over Meteorite
Monday, 03.07.2011, 09:01pm
NASA astrobiologist Richard Hoover thinks he’s found fossilized alien bacteria inside a meteorite. If he’s right, it’s world-shaking news. But that’s a very, very big if.
What A Million Dollar Funeral Looks Like
Monday, 03.07.2011, 12:45pm
Recently, a Chinese businessman spent about $1 million to organize a lavish funeral for his mother
Rainbow Stockings Car Ballet
Monday, 12.06.2010, 08:24pm
Chinese Girls are known for their flexibility, but who would have thought they would be able to perform upside down ballet in the car?
Keanu Reeves: Real Highlander?
Thursday, 12.02.2010, 12:36am
Have you seen Highlander? it's a movie about a bunch of immortal warriors who fight through times and can die only if beheaded by their enemies, well, is Keanu Reeves one of them?
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