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A Bat That Looks Like Star Wars' Yoda is Found
Thursday, 10.07.2010, 03:37pm
The scientists, who used helicopters, planes and dinghies in their search, hope the study's new discoveries will help the region attain World Heritage status to protect it from logging.
Photos Of The Sailor That An I-Banker Found Inside A Shark
Wednesday, 10.06.2010, 03:20pm
A couple of weeks ago, an i-banker with Xanthos Investment, caught a shark and found a man's body inside - when the shark unexpectedly burped up a foot.
A Pilot From World War II Reincarnated
Monday, 10.04.2010, 09:38pm
The agonised screams pierced the air. 'Plane on fire! Airplane crash.' In the dark, a two-year-old boy was just visible, writhing on his bed in the grip of horror. 'He was lying there on his back, kicking and clawing at the covers like he was trying to kick his way out of a coffin,' remembers the boy's father.
When A Mom Is Addicted To Blackberry
Tuesday, 09.28.2010, 01:30am
You know what happens when a mom is addicted to Blackberry? Check This Out
Six Legged Giant Dragon Fossil Found
Tuesday, 09.14.2010, 05:41pm
Community shocked by  the discovery of the giant skeletons / fossil which described as "six-legged giant dragon." It  seemed to reach hundreds of meters in length.
The Bible Events, Seen From Space
Monday, 09.06.2010, 07:26pm
A group of Australian artists called The Glue Society has recently displayed a project that will surely be controversial. The work consists of a set of digital pictures that try to represent a series of biblical episodes just as they would be seen through a satellite, such as with Google Earth
Agreement betweet Hitler and ... Satan found
Monday, 09.06.2010, 01:59pm
According to the contract the devil promised Hitler to give him all the power on the conditions that Hitler will use It only for bad deeds. In exchange Fuhrer promised to give his soul exactly in 13 years.
Cat who boarded same bus every day for four years killed in 'hit and run'
Thursday, 01.21.2010, 12:03pm

A cat which became famous for catching the same bus every day for four years has been run over and killed - while crossing the road to catch its daily lift.

Niagara Falls - Like Never Seen Before (From The year 1911)
Monday, 01.18.2010, 02:02pm
Niagara Falls - Like Never Seen Before (From The year 1911)
Werewolf boy appeals to doctors to find a cure
Monday, 01.04.2010, 07:46pm
Pruthviraj Patil is one of 50 in the world who suffers from hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition known as Werewolf Syndrome.
Stop Eating Human Fetus As Soup
Thursday, 11.19.2009, 03:48pm
'Fetus Healthy Soup' which is believed to have stamina and strength made from fetal male human infants aged 6 to 8 months can be purchased in Taiwan, gives ability to be able to have sex several times a night.
The Chinese eat a fish while it's still alive
Thursday, 11.19.2009, 03:37pm
This is terrible. These Chinese people prod, poke, and eat a fish that has been deep-fried but is still living and seemingly conscious...
A Girl Frozen in Time
Thursday, 11.19.2009, 08:47am

Brooke Greenberg is the size of an infant, with the mental capacity of a toddler.
She turned 16 in January. "Why doesn't she age?" Howard Greenberg, 52, asked of his daughter. "Is she the fountain of youth?"

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