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The Most Touching Moment In Pictures
Saturday, 05.21.2011, 12:10am

There are so many moments in our life that when captured at the right moment, that picture would tell the feelings at that moment better than any words can say.


The Prettiest Tree
Tuesday, 02.14.2012, 10:04am
treeHave you been to New England in Fall? the trees are so colorful you would imagine yourself in the world of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth from The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. But the prettiest of all? it's right down below.

The Great Photoshop Master From China
Wednesday, 11.30.2011, 11:07pm
Baojun Yuan is a member of China Senior Photographers Association. He is highly respected by Chinese people. Why? In the past nine years, Mr. Yuan has repaired more than 2000 old photos for residents for free.
Amazing Animated Photography Vol 2
Tuesday, 05.17.2011, 06:43pm
We have seen the first volume of The Amazing Animated Photography, now this is the second that will also blow your mind
Amazing Animated Photography Vol 1
Tuesday, 05.17.2011, 06:36pm
We have seen many animated pictures as known as animated gif, but none of them can be compared to these. The animated gifs below aer truly master art of both photography and animated gif technology
The Amazing Floating Girl
Saturday, 05.14.2011, 01:53pm
I'm sure you have seen things like this, but photoshopped, but not these. Natsumi, the floating girl's photos are not photoshopped, and I'm sure you will be amazed as I do.
Stunning Pictures Of Indonesian Children
Saturday, 04.30.2011, 01:51pm
Children are adorable, but it is not easy to capture their moments of happiness. Only experienced photographers are able to capture their moments and expression and share it with us.
7 Tips for Better Travel Photography
Sunday, 01.31.2010, 09:01pm
One of the great joys of travel is getting a few photographs of the local scenery. The problem is that when our friends and family see the shots they’re usually asleep within 10 minutes. These tips will hopefully show you a few ways to add some pop to your photos and make sure you don’t send your friends to sleep.
Colorful Glowing Text Effect In Photoshop
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:37am
After seeing some recent Type work by Vicenç Fontanet (or, Drasik), in his recent project for “Miniblack“, I just had to give the effect a shot myself in Photoshop. It’s a wondeful little style that could easily be integrated into any dark graphic design where some upbeat text is needed.
Design An EPIC FANTASY Scene In Photoshop
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:27am
In this tutorial we are going to create a photo manipulation inspired by Valhalla, one of Mariusz Karasiewicz`s works. He is an amazing artist and his work is absolutly stunning. I want to thank him for allowing me to write this tutorial.
Amazing Diamond Advertisement Poster in Adobe Photoshop
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:23am
In this tutorial you will learn a few techniques that might be very useful for you and give you some great ideas when you start creating an advertisement. Before you go on and start the tutorial I would like to thank the photographers for their amazing stock images and for giving e permission to use the images:
Divine Angel Montage in Adobe Photoshop
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:14am
First of all I would like to thank Cucu Tudor for collaborating with me in creating this tutorial. The final image is an Angel that lights his way in the dark forest. You will create this photo manipulation using stock images provided by some really great artists, which I would also like to thank a lot.
The Power Of Raw Photography
Tuesday, 01.05.2010, 01:06am
Take a look at what a RAW file is and how it compares to an ordinary JPEG file. Which one should you choose when taking photos and why?
Composition and framing in Photography
Monday, 01.04.2010, 01:39am
Here are a few different styles of composition and framing in Photography including a few tips on how to break away from the norm, and create styles of your own!
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