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Very Creative Way To Propose To Loved One
Friday, 06.03.2011, 02:28am

This has to be one of the most creative ways to propose?


Hot, Suggestive and Seductive Pick-Up Lines for Adults
Sunday, 07.08.2012, 06:02pm
seductive pick-up lineFeel like scoring a woman at an adult's club or somewhere like that? make sure you use the right pick-up line, impress her, make her curious and seduce her using one of these seductive pick-up lines.
Cute and Funny Pick-Up Lines to Say to a Girl
Sunday, 07.08.2012, 05:44pm
Saying hi to a girl that you like is never easy, most of the time you don't know what to say, let alone make her laugh, that's why you need to look at the pick-up lines below to start and hit it off.
How To Get A Girlfriend - Fail Proof
Thursday, 05.03.2012, 03:37pm
how to approach a girlThere are many ways to approach a girl, and some of the ways are silly, some others are plain genius. This one is the genius way and guarantee won't fail you.
101 Ways to tell her how much you love her
Sunday, 11.27.2011, 01:12am
There are 101 ways to tell how much you love him/her, check them out
Girl Proposes To Boyfriend, And He Said.... No
Thursday, 03.31.2011, 12:21pm
Now truly anything is possible. Even girls now propose to boys, in the middle of cherry blossoms [sakura],  there was an extraordinary marriage proposal, the scene appropriately spectacular and shocking. Look at the pictures, they speak louder than words
Never trust photos of girls from dating site
Friday, 01.15.2010, 01:52am
Some girls in dating sites seem to be hot as seen from their photos but never trust the photos because some photos are very tricky.
45 Things a girl wants but will NOT ask for!
Friday, 12.18.2009, 01:04pm
these are 45 things a woman really wants but won't ask for
31 ways to make a girl smile
Friday, 12.18.2009, 12:58pm
I’m not a girl and I will never know if these ways can make girls smile. Every girl is different and and are pretty in their own way!