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Girl Proposes To Boyfriend, And He Said.... No

Thursday, 03.31.2011, 12:21pm (GMT-5)

Now truly anything is possible. Even girls now propose to boys, in the middle of cherry blossoms [sakura],  there was an extraordinary marriage proposal, the scene appropriately spectacular and shocking. Look at the pictures, they speak louder than words

This is quite out of the ordinary? The one proposing is the girl. This girl looks good, and it looks like her car she's on and there are also roses and large signs saying Marry Me, so brave! Not many people would dare do something like this with so many people are on the side looking on.

He said: “I can’t accept your proposal!!!” Damn, so cruel for the proposing beauty, having involved so many people to make everything so romantic, only to be rejected, truly tragic.

But...there’s more. this guy said: "The one proposing should be me, but I don’t have anything right now, so I don’t dare to ask for your hand in marriage, nor do I dare to get married to you, so how about you give me three years, wait until three years later when I’ve made money to buy a house and car and then I’ll ask for your hand in marriage and at that time, you must say yes to me.”

Well played boy, well played.


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