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How To Get A Girlfriend - Fail Proof

Thursday, 05.03.2012, 03:37pm (GMT-5)

how to approach a girlhow to get a girlfriend
There are many ways to approach a girl, and some of the ways are silly, some others are plain genius. This one is the genius way and guarantee won't fail you.

  • Buy a falconer's glove
  • Approach the girl you like wearing the falconers glove
  • Ask her, "Excuse me, have you seen a falcon fly by here?"
  • Look up to they sky with hopeful / sad expression
  • If she says, "No" look distraught and ask her if she wouldn't mind helping you look for your falcon
  • No human being would ever turn down an opportunity like this
  • Use the time you spend together looking for a falcon to get to know her
  • At the end of the search (10-15 minutes) you may need consoling for losing your best friend
  • At this point, her interest in you should have maxed regarding you put so much effort and attention in raising a falcon and this will ensure you a second date.


If by any chance, an actual falcon shows up, simply say, "(falcon name), I've missed you so much, don't ever do that to me again", there you go, you got a girl and you got a free falcon.


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