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Tips To Avoid Scam Websites

Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 02:03am (GMT-5)

avoid scam websites
In this recession era, more and more people are losing their jobs, and most of them are turning into online jobs or work from home jobs, but many of these job offers are scam. The question is, how do we know if this website that offers the job or opportunity is a scam?

Check out the tips below to identify a website that you suspect is a scam and avoid it
Professionalism in look, designs and transparency in information

How does the website look? is it clean, looks professional? does it have its employee information or at least its CEO's information? does it show a real phone number, email addresses, contact us page? you would want to know how to contact them if something goes wrong, try to email them asking questions, if they don't reply back, don't bother apply or pay, it's a scam.

Investigate the company's information online

Google is your best friend, google up the company's name, its history and all the information about that company that's NOT from the company's website, you can do this: let's say you want to know about company ABC, the you go to, enter this: ABC company  , this will help you decide if this company is legit or not, or you can also try it with keywords like this: 'abc scam’ or ‘abc fraud’. Google or other search engines like bing and yahoo will show you all complaints against this company and it will help you decide.

Ask for money in front

If the company asks you to pay some fee in front to get information, advice or to get hired, forget about this company, just stop it and get over it. Are you going to pay someone to hire you? of course not.

Offer you to become rich overnight

It's bullshit, no companies will make you rich overnight unless you hit a jackpot in lottery. Those who offer becoming rich overnight are just making fool of you. Read all those millionaires' biography, they will tell you to work hard and be consistent. There is no overnight money without working hard, read the small prints of the company Terms of Services and such, don't be fooled.

Referrals and Recommendations

It's best if you get a job based on recommendations from your trusted friends, because friends don't harm friends. If they can recommend you to do this job, it means they have gone through it and they have got the results, otherwise they wouldn't even bother telling you they are successful if they are not.


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